Which is better MIAMI OR NYC?

I love the city but I also love the beach. I have family in both places and I'm thinking about going to college in NYC or Miami florida.

Which is better? and why?

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    I've lived in NYC and I currently live in Miami, and I have to say Miami and NYC are the two best places to live in the United States. There's too much for me to say, so I'm just going to say a few things. Weather/climate/temperature, Miami wins hands down. Mass transit, as it currently stands NYC hands down, because the NYC mass transit is probably the best in the states right now, and even though the mass transit in Miami is really good, it's currently not as good as the NYC mass transit. In NYC you don't need a car, and in Miami you also don't need a car, BUT it's not as easy in Miami as it is in NYC, reason being is because in NYC you can just take one bus to go anywhere, but in Miami right now, depending on where you are you might have to take two buses to go to a really far place (a place outside Miami, like Homestead) So you can do everything without a car in Miami, it just might not always be one take to go anywhere in Miami (you should also know that even though Miami is one place, the county Miami is in, Miami-Dade County, is like it's all part of Miami, think about it like this, Miami-Dade County and every place in Miami-Dade County is Miami) Even though all that is true about the mass transit, the Miami 21 project has been approved and is official going to beging in early February 2010, and the shortest way to explain what it is, is that it's for Miami to have what Miami currently doesn't have that NYC does, you understand? What Miami doesn't have as perfect as NYC does right now, it will, and it will most likely surpass NYC in certain things. And that includes mass transit. Cost, Miami wins hands down. Miami is extremely cheaper than NYC, for example, a one bedroom/one bathroom right next to Midtown, like 3 blocks away, cost $600 a month, and it's beautiful and has everything. City, NYC wins but it's not hands down, the city in Miami is the top three cities in the states right now behind NYC and Chicago. And let's not forget about Miami 21, the city is only going to get better and better. You should also know that the only place in Florida, especially in South Florida that has a city, anything city for that matter, is Miami, the rest of Florida is suburbs, old people, etc. Beaches, Miami wins hands down and I don't even have to explain why lol. School, I can't answer that with facts because I honestly don't know fully right now, but I would have to say NYC, but the schools in Miami are also extremely good. Nightlife, Miami wins hands down. People, they are both the same, the same no nonsense, don't let anyone get in their ways attitudes, but I think that there's more "friendly" people in Miami than NYC. Arts and all that, NYC wins in certain things, and Miami wins in others. Whatever Miami is number one in, NYC is second, and whatevery NYC is number one in Miami is second. I would honestly pick Miami over any place in the States. Also, Miami is called the 6th borough because there's so many New York Citiers here, so you're pretty much getting both lol.

    Source(s): Lived in NYC, and live in Miami
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    Miami is better for weather & outdoor recreation. NYC is better for everything else. In my humble opinion NYC is the best place in the world to get an education. There's more to an education than school. There's the experience of living in perhaps the most diverse and tolerant city with the widest range of cultural resources in the world. I think everyone should spend at least a year or two in NYC while they are young. College is the ideal opportunity.

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    i live in Miami and i love it. Two VERY different places though nyc is nice because you don't need a car but in Miami you deff. do the transportation down here is a lot like LA california just depends what your major is and what school fits you both each city is unique in it's own way.

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    well i've never been to nyc

    but i think miami because of the beaches& cool places to hangout with friends

    like main street- LOVE THAT PLACE! <3(:

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  • 5 years ago

    Miami , you'll never want to come home

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