What are some charities that I can donate to in someone else's name?

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My parents always would rather have money donated to a charity instead of spent on them. I'm looking for something new. We usually donate to The Heifer Project, which I may end ...show more

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  • A F answered 4 years ago
    Almost any nonprofit will accept a donation in honor of someone. For ex Red Cross, Salvation Army, your local food pantry (find through http://wwwfeedingamerica.org), United Way, your local humane society, a battered women shelter in your area (see http://www.ndvh,org for info). One possibility is to give part to a large group like Heifer and part to a local grass roots group in your area that is local people helping local people where a small or medium contribution can have great impact.


    15 yrs as director or an all volunteer helping nonprofit http://www.caringhandsministries.com and former employee of larger charity.
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  • Ann answered 4 years ago
    There are lots and lots of local agencies that can use your help. A local food pantry, homeless shelter, domestic abuse shelter, soup kitchen. Churches have a charities too. Here's a thought. How about taking your money and all of you go shopping in a grocery store. Each has the same amount of money. Challenge each other to see who can get the biggest bang for the buck. Then you can take the food and donate it to the food pantry.
    Or, a domestic abuse shelter always needs things like toothbrushes, hairbrushes, shampoo, soap, stuffed animals.
    Hope this helps.
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  • staz answered 4 years ago
    icangiveabuck.com will take donations any way people want to make them, including anonymously! They are my favorite charity!
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  • fitz 1969 answered 4 years ago
    meals on wheels do a great job for the seniors jimmy carter's habitat for humanity help [people build their own homes, any local animal shelter (no kill) in your area...
    there are so many worthy ones, you must know what interest your parents the most.

    all of them will send a donation card to whomever you say the donation is made for...or ask them to send it to you and you can gift wrap the card.
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