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Do you feel that white men married to black women will eventually surpass white women and black men?

It seems like alot of black women are growing tired of black men and are beginning to look elsewhere.

Black women are also on avgerage more educated thatn black men and graduate from college at 2x the rate of black men.

For the most part, black women hae never really been attracted to white men, but recently that seems to be changing.

Do you think that black women/ white men couples will surpass the reverse?

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    I don't know for sure but maybe. The world is changing and it's a commonly held belief that black women are not attracted to white men and maybe vice versa but I think that is a direct result of lack of exposure, absorption of stereotypes and old ideas that haven't been updated.

    The idea that black men all want white women is a very old one that has been circulated for hundreds of years; therefore, it's an accepted part of the socialization process. White men being keen on black women is not though there is far more empirical evidence to support that notion historically than the former i.e. most American blacks have European blood not because of a bm/ww union because of wm being with bw. I'm not making a comparison between black women and prostitutes but if one looks at the history of prostitution in Louisiana, the ones who drew the most white customers weren't white women, they were ones with black blood.

    I think women in the younger generations - people born after the late 70's - have different ideas about dating. I think they are slowly but surely being exposed to more white men in close settings where they really get to know them and vice versa. I think the women are acutely aware that the numbers are not in their favor in terms of finding quality black men for marriage and they will start looking elsewhere in larger numbers. More white men are getting to know black women and finding that they are not all the caricatures they've been made out to be and are more likely to ask them out than they were just ten years ago.

    Of course, white men aren't the only men in the world and just because bw decide not to wait around for a bm doesn't mean they'll turn to whites. I read something about black women and Somoans the other day and, of course, there are always Latino's.

    • John5 years agoReport

      Asian/indian women love white guys. I think its about time we leave white women behind for being race traitors.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    No. Generally speaking, black women don't find white men very attractive. And just about every black person has dealt with racism from white people, and we tend not to cozy up to the people who are the root of the problem. In other words, we know how white people generally feel toward us, so you wont' see us seeking too many friendships or romantic unions with them. Black people tend to mostly marry other black people.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I sure hope so. Sorry if this sounds racist but its almost always the tramp white chick going after the horny black male and then they can conceive another welfare child to live off the system. Black women have more experience, respect, and morals and a white man being willing to handle a strong black women will create smart, educated kids. It deff should be switched around!

  • Lisa
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    4 years ago

    No because black men have horse sized members which attracts some white women.

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  • T
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    6 years ago

    Its a lot of guy on twitter and social media who say that they wouldn't date black women and is happy white their white woman but when I go out in public those same idiots still try to talk to me so luckily I havent had that problem so far outside of cyber world but I went on youtube for one simple video called the 123 tag and it was of this wm/bw and youtube being youtube recommended me to watch other IR videos and I can say that they all seem to be happy and every single one of those black women was married not girlfriends so I definitely can see that happening a black guy haven't disrespected me yet so I have no reason to give up on black men but I also NEVER in a million year would date one of those coons who talked down about black women on the internet and then try to switch it up in person.

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    I think the white male/black female pairing is slowly becoming more mainstream. Only time can tell if it will "surpass" the black male/white female pairing. I personally don't care, just as long as it becomes accepted by more people.

    I date outside my race because I like to, not because I'm tired of black men. The same is true for many other black women. If you're reason for dating a certain type of person is because you're tired of another type, then you're cheating whoever you become involved with.

    Also, in the past, there have been plenty of black women who were attracted to white men and vice versa. The problem has just been that the two have been either too nervous or flat out afraid to approach each other. Now, many are starting to step out of their comfort zones and are realizing that it's perfectly fine to do so.

  • mk
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    4 years ago

    No way Jose. Black women are NOT attracted to limp dicked white boys. Also most white men are racists anyway. So no , there is no chance of this ever happening. Not ever.

    • DJ3 years agoReport

      I'm a white man and I'm not a racist.

  • 5 years ago

    For the lady who said that most black women do not find white men attractive. Speak for yourself because several of us do. I am a BW and I know several BW that are dating and marrying WM and men of other races.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    No. Black women will never lower themselves to the standard of white men.

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    I think it'll start to even out after a while, as the balance of races become more equal, and then most of the world where it is allowed will transition into a majority mixed race relationship place. I think as people accept more races, it is bound to even out.

    And it is not that black women are tired of black men. They don't look for any race in specific. They date who they want to date.

    And as for Collussus, mixed race people are treated just fine, though perhaps not by you. I think you're being brainwashed a little more than you realize.

    • Jane Doe
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      I agree, I think it will become more even in numbers.

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