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what's SHOUTOUT on twitter ?

well i'm new to Twitter & i see lots of ppl saying shoutout ?? i didnt get it ><

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    A shoutout is basically when they say "SHOUTOUT TO @So-and-so GO FOLLOW THEM!". That's all it is. When people want more people to follow them, they ask for shoutouts so people will see them and follow them. Hope I helped. :)

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  • 3 years ago

    Twitter Shout Out

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    A shoutout is when people say things like "shoutout to @(username)"Its for people to follow them.They could also say "Follow (username)"it's just a way on Twitter for getting more followers.A follower is a person who "follows"so when you post anything they can read it.You should ask people if you could get shoutouts.To get more followers.

    Source(s): Twittter nerd.Username @Zim_was_here
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  • soffer
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    Give Me A Shout Out

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