Stay in Anaheim or Los Angeles?

It's our first trip out to LA and we're taking the kids, who are 18 and 13. I've read about unsafe areas in LA and i'm considering staying in Anaheim, to visit disneyland or california adventure. Perhaps, driving up to LA and doing some sight seeing there for one day?

What would you reccommend? Anaheim or a hotel in LA?

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  • Jeff H
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    You have received a lot of interesting answers and there are safe areas, and not so safe ones, in all cities. Your decision should be determined by what it is you are planning on doing while there. If most of your time is going to be spent at Disneyland and California Adventures then I would recommend staying in the Anaheim area close to Disneyland. There is a wide range of hotels both in prices and facilities available in the area so you should be able to find one to meet your needs and budget. You state that you are looking at renting a car and visiting LA for only a day of sightseeing so the Anaheim area would be your best bet.

    The Buena Park area is also not too bad with a decent selection of hotels most of which offer shuttles to Disneyland. You would also be close to Knot's Berry Farm and several other attractions if you wanted to stay there.

    The worst problem in LA is traffic, a 30 minute trip can easily take you 2 or more hours so take that into consideration. Unless you want to spend several days in LA I personally would not stay there and travel to Disneyland.

    Speaking from experience both by myself and with my kids (about the same age as yours the last time we were there) you can easily spend several days in Disneyland and California Adventures. We found that Knot's was more or less a one day trip. Personally I always set aside 2 to 3 days for Disneyland and at least 1 day for California Adventures, 1 day for Knot's and a day or two for other activities.

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    Staying In Anaheim

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    I live here in Orange County and visited quite a few times before. Stay in the Disneyland resort area in Anaheim. Then rent a car for days you are not at Disneyland to do your other sightseeing.

    In one trip we stayed at the Anaheim Plaza on Harbor and wereqwuite happy with it. Its right across the street from Disneyland.

    And do note that less than 10% of LA is dangerous. And you can tell by looking at those places.


  • Anonymous
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    You are getting a lot of answers from people that haven't been to Los Angeles, and are just repeating silly stereotypes.

    If most of your stay will be in Orange County try a hotel or motel in the Buena Park area. It's only a few miles from Disneyland, and is close to most of the other most popular Orange County attractions. Places like Knotts Berry Farm, Pirates Adventure Dinner Theater, Soak City (it may be too cold for a water park), Medieval Times, etc. Pretty safe area. Prices may be slightly less than around Disneyland.

    If you plan to split your time between Disneyland and Los Angeles then I would recommend staying near Downey. It is roughly half way between both cities, and just off the 5 Freeway. It has lots of shops, restaurants , and a excellent police department. There is a motel located in Stonewood Mall. Sorry, don't remember the name., but it's one of the major chains. Pretty safe area.

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    Ryan OBVIOUSLY has not been to LA let alone lived there.

    I would recommend Anaheim if you are not going to do much in LA and spend most of the time at Disneyland.

    If not, you can stay in Long Beach as a half-way point. There's also lots that you can do in Long Beach as well.

    Keep in mind, traffic is TERRIBLE in LA. A simple 20 mile trip from Long Beach to LAX takes almost an hour!!

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    LA is not that dangerous, I mean if you are in Downtown (financial district not the mexican part :)), or Beverly Hills it is not so dangerous, and your have many atractions near your Hotel. It´s true that crime in LA is high, but if you stay in the safe areas you don´t have to worry....

    Anaheim is just Disneyland, there isn´t anything else to see there, and I don´t but in my opinion this isn´t the best part of Orange County, there are also not so safe areas there, but If you go south direction Irvine, Tustin, Newport, you´ll find nicer areas, but all the same, Anaheim like Irvine is like 1 hour far from LA...and If you don´t rent a car it will be really hard to get to LA, but if you stay in LA and you just go once to Anaheim its ok,,, most of the atractions are in LA... but it depens, your 18 year child is old enough, I don´t know if he would like Disneyland, attraction there are not so exciting..

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    It's true that there are some dangerous places in L.A, but you will find that almost everywhere. Just avoid South L.A. especially Compton, and you will be fine, besides those "gang regions" L.A isn't more dangerous than NYC or any other big city.

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    Anaheim because of LA has A lot of crime and gangs and has a lot of smog. Plus it is crowed with paparazzi s and the celebs all over the place.Which makes it hectic. Anaheim is peaceful and you can go around and enjoy.

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