When are the BBC going to listen to the public and fire Alesha Dixon from Strictly?

She cannot speak english, has nothing even remotely intelligent to say, Copies all the other judges and is downright annoying.

Why wont the BBC listen to what us, the audience want? I havent got used to her and would love for her to be replaced.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I couldn't agree more....surely it's about what WE want to see not what the BBC want!

    I did give her a chance but week after week she just repeats what she said the week before and just sits there with a holier than thou expression....snorting like a pig every now and then. I press the mute button when she comes on now as everything she says is tripe.

    When the judges commented on the dancers before their performance did you hear what Alesha said about Laila? Bruno and the others were saying that, unlike Ricky or Ali, Laila was not consistent etc etc and all Alesha said was "yeah but she looks gorgeous"!! pmsl

    Also did you see Alesha's face when Brucie introduced Darcy Bussel to the show? He said "finally we have a bit of class on the show" lol

    There aren't many people who I really dislike but Alesha really get my blood boiling.

    I would love Arlene to return as a judge...or, even if they wanted to bring in a new judge I wouldn't mind that either as long as it was a professional who knows what they are talking about like Karen Hardy or Camilla Dallerup.

    I can SEE that Laila looked gorgeous or Chris and Ola make a good partnership but I want to hear about their DANCING skills.

    Sorry, Im a big SCD fan...rant over! lol

  • Joan
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    4 years ago

    Ok, I'm going to have a real good old whinge now cos SCD is my fave programme. If they felt the need to replace anyone it should have been Len. On certain days he sits on the panel and his moodiness brings down the whole show AND he is always banging on about how he doesn't like certain dances because it doesn't have the old fashioned elements in it. I really liked Arlene and thought that she was very fair in most of her comments. Not all of us want to see decrepid old men such as Len and Brucie and yet, when women get to a certain age they get dumped .... it's not sexism but also ageism. And, of all the people they could have replaced her with they chose a pop star who has only just learned to dance herself!!! For christs sake, if they must have a younger woman on the show then at least choose someone with a professional knowledge of the dance elements. What about one of the ex dancers like Nicole Cutler or Hanna Karttunen. I was never a Alesha Dixon fan anyway, I wanted Matt and Flavia to win but at least we still have Bruno and my fave Craig.

  • 1 decade ago

    Soon hopefully she hasn't got a clue unless she is copying one of the other judges, I also found Darcy poor too

  • 1 decade ago

    That is one of my dearest wishes! She is sooo condescending and arrogant when she talks to the celebs and last night you could see by her face how much her nose was put out of joint with Darcy Bussell being there. She absolutely hated it - jealous cow!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I like her as a person, but as a judge, she is very sh*t.

    Rumoured that she won't be coming back next year.

    She is very annoying, she doesn't know about the technical stuff.

    And her grammar is terrible.

    I thought you 'was' brilliant.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It is not her fault she got hired - it is the BBCs

    She has nothing to do with if they hired her ;]

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