relationship doesn't feel right.?

me and my boyfriend having been dating for 10 months but something doesn't seem right. we've split up within them 10 months but always got back together but now the relationship seems like its not going no where and just doesn't seem right no more! however, i don't want to split up with him but i would like to make it clear to him that i want things to change, i have tried speaking to him several times but the only response i get is 'we'll try' and 'we'll sort things' what should i do?

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    if the relationship doesn't feel right, chances are, its not right. there must've been a reason why it didn't work out the first place and thats why you guys split up beforehand. I doubt things will really change the second time round and i think you've realized that. It's time to move on and find someone you can be with that will make a relationship feel right.

    I was in your shoes. I was with my bf for 1 and a half years and we broke up 8 months into the relationship cuz i didn't like where the relationship was going. we decided to give it a try a second time round but it didn't work out. so take it from me.. move on.

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    well you guys broke up for some reason, so whatever reason you broke up then, will be the reason you break up this time. Sounds like you are a very dependant person, and feel like you NEED someone, and that someone is this guy that you obviously couldn't get along with the first time. So why give it a second chance or a third or fourth. You guys are only dating, and you're giving up a potential really good b/f by being tied up with this guy.

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    My friend is going thru the same thing. If you ever have to question your relationship with a guy, it's not so good. Maybe you should take a break. Guys tend to take a long time to 'change'

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    Men dont change it only get worse rule one with men what u see is what u get period sad but true!

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    If you don't see yourself going anywhere then it might be time to move on. Talk to him and just tell him how you are feeling.

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    do what YOU think is right don't let anyone make choices for you if you let other people make choices for you. they dont know whats right for you only you do

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    tell him in a mean way and be serious but kindof be nice with it

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