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How do i make money with the little bit of money i have?

Im 16 and looking for a job but job unemployment is over %10 were i live. So i might need to make money another way. I have $100. How do i make money off the money i already have?

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    There are not a lot. Here are some ideas:

    If you can write, code or have other computer skills, try an outsourcing site like rentacoder or guru (both are .com) Some outsourcing sites also specialize in accounting.

    If you're any good with a camera, (real photos, not 'snapshots') you can sell the pics as stock photos to stock photo sites like istock or shutter stock

    Dog care business; you can walk them, and pick up the yard for the owners. (it sounds crazy but my friend has lucrative pooper scooper/dog walking business. Some people just let their dogs loose in the yard and never pick up after them since it's their yard. But just because they don't want to do it, doesn't mean they wouldn't like it done.

    Buy a PLR ebook with 'master resale rights' (very important to have that phrase) and set up your own website to sell it.

    Sell on eBay, but it doesn't have to your stuff. Become a eBay dropoff place. People will bring you their stuff to sell. You can photograph it and write descriptions and set up the auctions. Then you can either take a cut or charge a flat fee.

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