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What could I feed my Albino African Clawed frogs?

I have tried reptile pellets and normal fish food. I can't get them to eat it. The only thing that they will eat is shrimp, the dried stuff and live ones. My frogs are only a couple inches long but are pretty big width wise. I feed them 4-5 days a week but they always seem hungry. If I am feeding them only shrimp will that cause problems with their health? I'm just not sure what else to feed them at the the moment because they aren't very big.

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    It's never good to just feed one food item to any animal. Have you tried frozen fish foods? They may enjoy bloodworms, brine shrimp, daphnia, tubifex worms, and other commonly available frozen foods for aquatic animals. You mentioned that your frogs like the dried shrimp...? Please be careful about feeding your ACFs any sort of freeze dried foods. They are known to cause bloat in frogs, which can actually kill them. If you must feed them freeze dried foods for some reason, at least pre-soak them first. When your frogs get bigger, the reptile pellets make for a great staple diet (although of course you should still keep up on a varied diet by supplementing with frozen and live foods). The baby turtle reptomin food is supposed to be very good for them. Well, good luck. =)

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    try decrease up night crawlers and purple wigglers(small earth worms) alongside with the scallops and perchance some bloodworms. yet they like the stuggling purple wigglers the perfect in simple terms dont enable them to burrow into your substrate

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