how did the war in pakistan start? what was the reason it started?

i just read an article called dozens deead in pakistan mosque attack. and i'm trying to write a reflection on it.

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    The reason it started was because the Taliban were an enemy of America, and being an American ally... The Pakistani Government had to take action.. The Taliban had escaped from Afghanistan into Pakistan's tribal belt and established themselves there... Ever since 9/11, just to please the US and get their aid, Pakistan would take military actions on smaller scales against them... However (by this point, a civilian/democratic government had been elected and established), because of certain teachings of Islam (such as reconciliation, and offensive as a last resort; seek peace first) and some (a few) common interests of the Taliban and Pakistan, the government tried to strike a peace deal with them to please the more popular interests of the nation, some very vocal influential people who to some degree (until recently) supported the Taliban... A peace deal was struck.. BUT, what went wrong was that quite a few Taliban fighters had moved out of their strongholds from the mountainous Swat region into a town, roaming freely while displaying arms, that was just 97 km away from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan... The world, especially America had begun to feel that the Taliban might take over Islamabad and take over control of the state and ultimately, its nuclear arsenal... So the government had sent a small convey of Frontier Corps (the faction of the army that protects the capital and some other cities) to inform the Taliban to leave the area and return to Swat... But, due to some unfortunate misunderstanding, the Taliban had attacked the convoy and the government began to feel that the Taliban had some malicious designs and plans up their sleeves and so, using the attack on the convoy as pretext, broke the treaty about a week after it was made and launched a major military offensive in Swat and its surrounding areas... And after overwhelming success there and a decisive victory, the army turned their guns towards South Waziristan, a tougher, more rigid, and more challenging terrain and operation. That operation too has been bearing fruit, but some strong resistance and retaliation has been faced, but the army is still very hopeful of the war on terror... That operation called Operation Rah-e-Nijat (Path-to-Salvation), is currently ongoing and whatever reports of dead militants you see on TV from Pakistan, is from that operation as Operation Black Thunder (Rah-e-Rast) in Swat has now concluded. There has been a lot of terrorist attacks by Taliban here lately as the army spokesman says that the terrorists are now using up their last reserves and sleeper cells in cities to cause havoc via suicide bombings etc...

    EXTRA: It is, always has been, and always will be stated that the nuclear assets of Pakistan are completely secure and there is no way the Taliban could get hold of it, even if the state collapsed and the Taliban took over as the central command for nuclear weapons can become independent in such a scenario and security is fool-proof.

    It was later revealed that the President of Pakistan was using reverse psychology on the terrorists when he stroke a deal with them to show the world that they can make an agreement, but the terrorists would break it... And he knew this, so to show the world that you can't make a deal with them, he made a deal with them, and they did infact break it, providing a pretext to the government for harsh military action. This plan was disclosed to President Barack Obama much prior.

    After the wave of attacks across Pakistan, it has been generally agreed upon that this war was infact Pakistan's war, and she wasn't doing it because of America.

    Btw, dozens weren't killed... At first the toll was 36, but then it rose to 40, nearly half of them children, while they were offering congregational holy, Friday prayers. Even women were attacked, and most women children casualties were from indiscriminate firing and not the 2 powerful suicide blasts that followed.

    I hope this answers your question... And good luck reading all of it! =P ;P

    Source(s): Me, the media, and wikipedia for the distance of the village away from the Capital.
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