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im actualy so down at the mo i wana die?

the last 3 months hav been the worst of my life so far. i think iv been depressed for a while now and it is getting worse. I failed my exams and i am repeating this year which is no reason to cry and get depressed over but then my dog had to be put down for biting somebody. this really broke my heart and added to the stress. then my girlfriend broke up with me after 4 years in a relationship we wer together since i was 14 so not having her around is really unbelievably hard..she started college and wanted different things so she broke it off..i loved her more than anything in the world and i still do..i cry every day,i cant eat or sleep properly anymore and i hv no motivation for school and then that gets me more stressed because i cant fail my exams again,its all one big horrible circle.. im starting to lose weight becaus of it all...and then yesterday i found out she kised somebody else which might not be much but it actualy crushed me....i hav been thinking about death alot over the last month because i really cant take this much longer but i know i wont do it because of my family and how selfish that would be and im just too much of a ***** to do it anyway,sometimes i wish i just got so angry that i would just do it, i think this is just another way of me trying to deal with this by talking about it but theres only so much that can be said

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    damn bro i feel you.Just try to be strong in life man datz all she left you u loved her yea but its her lost not yours,you can be with a much better person that will love you more than she did.and ik what your thinking ohh she the one no1 can replace you well yeaa not gonna lie im in a relationship right now too and im scared as **** leaving her.but in life sometimes you gotta let go of the things you love the most cause if you dont youll just be hurting yourself...just remember life will go on with or without you man..dont fuk urself up over a girl aint worth for the exams...try getting some help from like after skool programs and some sports or stuff you have too much time in ur hands and ur prob just thinking about her over and over which isnt good at all.She moved on bro and you can do the same.Just dont think of suicide cause seriously it aint worth it.

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    firstly, @miracle

    HOW DARE YOU advertise those things on a serious question like this! how utterly inconsiderate! That is the most THOUGHTLESS thing I have seen in a long time! You should be ashamed...


    If you want to see the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain. Things will get better but may take some time, from what I read you've got ALOTTA rain :( As for now...well...I don't know really, I just wanted to rant at miracle. But no matter how bad things may seem, they're gonna get better. :) :) :) :) :)

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    I wish I could do more to help u than tell u to talk to somebody, but that's the best thing i can do the help you and that what u need to do to get better. talk to somebody u trust, somebody who u know will have your best interests at heart no matter what, a friend or parent or something. U need to remember that depression is just a hormonal thing, no matter how real and overwhelming it seems, its just a load of chemicals in ur brain, it can be fixed, u can feel so much better and happier and move on with your life. believe that and ull b ok =) find somebody to talk to who wil understand and do their best to help u, ok?? i wish i could do more

    get better soon =) xox take care of urself, dont forget that ur life always has value

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    Dude, or dudette ... do you know what the human rase means to the Earth as a period of time... next to nothing... 3 months is not that long a period... give yourself time and you will see that life brings joy as ..get a new dog... grow it from a puppy ... girls can see them all around you... just give yourself time... change something can't stand to much in one will pass right by you

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    right you have in fact taken that big first step to recovery from depths of despair well done. you are asking for advise ,good for you.

    have a chat to samaritans and look up counselling in local library or telephone directory etc.

    I have freind who suffers depression to point of suicde etc and knwo how long and black it can be. it never works by telling soembody to pull themselves together. xmas will aslo be a bad time.

    having been through some awful times in own life I am well aware of you pain. my own sister is also suffering badly at moment and it would make oyu cry if i went through her problems with blindness and death calling to her etc.

    write down all that you find making you feel bad and want to change. now get another page opposite it and try and write down all you find warming and good. mother ,brothers, holidays, cars, music etc

    oyu can see now there rae two paths we can travel down and tow ways to view world.

    look back at others during war times and lose of entire families etc homes and nothing l;eft but clothe sthey stood up in. many failed to move on and looked back or into selves , big mistake. now lok at those who moved forward. despite teh pain and tears they went back and took teh world by its ears and shok it. many are now married with granchildren and can llok on life and enjoy its beneifits. for many reilgion saved them giving hope and comfort. you need to talk to soembody and find solace and assistance to get on with life. do not think about past girlfriend if at all possible just wish her every happiness. now you must seek to be happy also and take those steps towards achieving your own ends. set out a gaol and work out how to get there. when you reach that goal and it may even be just surviving xmas set another ,each a little higher . in time you will have moved beyond the current pain etc and be able to see the world as a wonderful place full of marvels with life too short to be spent looking over past or allowing ones emotions to keep us unhapy. good luck.

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    you shouldnt commit suside their is so much to live for, you could find another girlfriend you just need to talk to someone about what you are feeling. if you talk to someone you trust they can help you to get through what you are felling. You need to get motivated and go out with your friends to have a little fun and take your mind of things. but talk to someone before you do something which you WILL regret.

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    Well you sound really bad, go and see your GP, he or she will give you the right medication for your depression, don't do anything silly, is your family what suffer most, after you have gone.

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    Hi yea go and show what you have written here to you mum dad talk to them they will be able to help you

    or older siblings if you cant ring you can talk to themm 24 hr a day i give u link for them goodluck

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    i became suicidal while i became 13 too. I had very diverse reasons yet i understand the way it feels. I used to minimize myself too. in simple terms bear in innovations which you isn't residing there perpetually. Your lifestyles would be thoroughly diverse quickly adequate and you may make it regardless of you elect it to be. you basically might desire to make it for the time of right here few years. i might refer to a school counselor or call a suicide warm line like a number of the human beings reported. finding on your difficulty at abode you could desire to ask your college counselor what steps you could desire to take to be emancipated. you may might desire to bypass to courtroom and tutor which you will supply for your self and be accountable and you won't have legal guardians anymore. the entire technique takes approximately 9 months and you won't have the skill to do it yet in view which you're no longer the right age to paintings, in simple terms understand that if issues worsen there is yet in any different case out of there. as far as maximum appropriate now is going, your mom is obviously already apprehensive adequate to elect to deliver you to a counselor. in simple terms take a seat down along with her and clarify how switching colleges for all time makes you sense. enable her understand what she will do to tutor you a thank you to. i think of for the main section mothers truly need to do what's perfect for his or her young ones and that they elect them to be happy. perhaps she in simple terms desires to pay attention it from you and issues might desire to alter. She does love you, now and lower back you basically won't be in a position to work out it. don't be too down with the aid of fact issues can basically get greater beneficial. the perfect years of your lifestyles are maximum appropriate around the corner, do no longer leave out out on them in view which you're unhappy maximum appropriate now. as far with the aid of fact the reducing is going, i know how now and lower back it style of looks like that's the sole thank you to launch what you're feeling or to make your self sense greater beneficial. try writing a poem or an indignant track rather or drawing some thing. perhaps you could desire to even choose for a protracted stroll. once you're older you would be apologetic approximately those scars and that they are going to convey lower back memories you have got forgotten without them. stable success and keep your head up honey. you would be ok!

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    she has moved on, you can move on aswell. if it were meant to be you will be back together. as far as those tests go, dont worry about a missed year. you can make it up with summer school and other classes.

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