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I have just bought a car, i have organized insurance but have no road tax...??!?

Bought it yesterday rang insurance straight away to drive it home but the road tax has expired, i cant get new road tax until my insurance cert arrives. Can i drive it now or have to wait, if the police stop me and i explain will they be ok with it, or is there something i can do in the mean time until the insurance cert arrives. First car, im not sure how this works.......!!

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    You should not have even driven it home.

    The ONLY two circumstances you can "get away" with not having a valid tax disc is if you had applied on-line or by phone and were waiting for the disc to arrive.

    You can then drive for 5 days whilst still displaying the previous months disc.


    If you were driving the car to an MOT test station for a pre-booked test.

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    Since you said garage, I think that means you are buying a used car. Correct? Go to your insurance person first and give all the details on the car. You will want to insure it right away, especially if you want to drive it home. Also, if you are making payments, then whomever has the lien on your car will want you to have insurance on it. Other people will say 'hey, take the chance on getting it home', but I say why take a chance? You'll probably need insurance anyway. You might want to ask your insurance person how much it will cost to insure before you buy it. This will let you know if you should be falling in love with the car or will have to pass it by for an older model. This is what I did and it worked out for me.

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    If you are stopped by the Police you will need to prove that you have insurance, this might not be on the national database yet.

    It is not up to the Police to find out if the vehicle is insured it is down to you to prove this.

    In the past Police have issued a HO/RT1 a producer) this is not done now, so if you can't prove you have insurance then your car could be seized under section 165 of the road traffic act.

    You must also have a current road tax disc displayed in your windscreen, and a valid MOT certificate.

    I would keep it off road until you have your tax disc.

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    I'm afraid that you are not able to drive the car until you have a valid car tax disc which you will not be able to purchase until you have the original certificate which will be sent by your insurance company.

    Police have heard all excuses / reasons for not having tax / insurance / MOT and are now not interested in keeping vehicles missing one of these items.

    What you can do is apply for the tax disc on line and because the MOT and insurance certificates are available on line, your tax disc will be sent out first class on Monday so you should get it by Tuesday. This means, but don't hold me against it, is that if you pass a Police car with ANPR, you will have all valid items and they won't stop you due to no tax disc.

    Good luck with your choice.


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  • Mark J
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    the law is clear

    its illegal to drive without valid road tax (Vehicle Excise Duty)

    its illegal to drive without displaying a valid VED disc

    I think you are going to struggle to get the car insured until you have the V5 Vehicle registration in your name, not just an insurance certificate. the insurers shoudl send a cover note out by first class post, so theoretically it should be with you today or possibly tomorrow

    what you could try is seeing if you can insure it online on the DVLA website. theoretically the insurer should have informed DVLA of the insurance, you should haev registered the vehicle in your name.

    the problem at present is that although you have insurance it may not have been updated on the police database, so you are possibly more likely of gettign stopped by ANPR equipped vehicles as having both no tax and no insurance.

    so driving (or even parking) on the road is breaking the law. if you drive it you are taking a risk that you wont get stopped, or if you do the police will let you off. they may let you off if you come across as law abiding, helpful, friendly and so on. if you have attitude then they will not exercise what ever discretion they have. so ultimately its up to you. if you don't think you are going to drive by any ANPR equipped cars, cameras or wahtever, and you don't think you are going to get stopped by foot patrols, and don't expect to park in a public palce then you may consider taking the risk. personally I wouldn't. if you do get stopped its probably a fixed penalty that needs reporting to your insurers who will no doubt with great glee rack up the insurance fee. there is another risk which is you have just passed your test you have got 3 points on your licence in your probationary period. I forget the details but if you get (IIRC 6 or more points in the first 12? months the courts can revoke your licence meaning you start as a learner all over again

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    No you can't drive it yet. You need to chase up the insurers to get the certificate to you ASAP. Quite possibly you won't be on the insurance database ( the one the police and DVLA use) for a few days, so you won't be able to tax it on line, or show proof of insurance if asked. You won't be able to do it on line anyway until Swansea have updated the owner details and issued the new V5. It's wait for the certificate and Post Office unfortunately

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    You have to wait and get the tax before driving on the road. If caught they will take the car of you until you get tax, inform the DVLA who will fine you as well as expecting back tax - just not worth it. There are no loopholes or leeway or period of grace for this situation

  • Anonymous
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    If this is in UK

    You can't drive a car on a road without a tax disc. Explaining to the police will not help you and you will still be fined and will also get points put on your license. Your car will also be impounded and you'll have to pay to get it back.

    Source(s): Traffic Police
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    You can't drive it.

    As for the answer:

    "What you can do is apply for the tax disc on line"

    You just bought the car and the chances are you are not registered keeper on the DVLA record and the tax disc will not be sent to you. The number of idiots who do this is unbelievable, even though it states it very clearly.

  • Sal*UK
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    Don't even think about it. Wait until Monday and take your insurance, log book and payment to the post office and get a tax disk.

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