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I Saw Recently Pharmacies Offering IM Flu Shots for $25. Is There Some Reason Why the Below isn't Being -?

Implemented (In this Country)?

[The Above Will Put an End to the Shortage, All that Needs to Be Done, is for it to Be Implemented.]

[I Think the Above Would Be Very Profitable, if Implemented, At Half the Price. It Will Probably Need a Release, but is Based On Well-Known Immune Responses.]

[I Think, In Some Scenarios, Pneumatic Delivery Will Need to Be Implemented. Related:

[Perhaps the Incidence of GBS Will Be Greatly Reduced.]


The Procedure:

The Above isn't the Only Paper, There are Many Going Way Back, e. g.:

Update 2:

Thanks Spreed, I Think it Needs to Be Implemented, By Someone.

Update 3:

Thanks K, Obviously I'm Not Alone In Seeing this has Value, Never did.

The Article States "Immune Cells", they Are Referring to These:

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    Looks like Europe is "in the know". It has been approved for use in the European Union Territory (as of Feb 2009, anyhow).

    It appears that Sanofi Pasteur (the vaccines division of sanofi-aventisis) is also attempting to develop these intradermal vaccines for the US market:

    Feb 2009, news release:

    Info about Intanza/IDflu:

    EDIT: Perhaps it would have been more accurate for the company to say: "Due to the high concentration of specialized LANGERHANS cells in this skin layer and their ability to effectively stimulate an immune response, ID vaccination provides direct and efficient access to the immune system."

    I read the wiki link. Thanx :-). Particularly and personally for me, I found the bit to do with altered function of dendritic cells as key players in colitis interesting. No expansion on this, though...

    Also pretty cool info to do with HIV. I didn't know of the process involved after HIV was taken up by dendritic cells. Neat. I don't know a lot about HIV. I find it interesting though..

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    I can't really answer this question - intelligently posed as usual.

    I would like to add an observation as a college history instructor

    with a medical background.

    The college where I teach offered FREE H1N1 vaccinations this Wednesday.

    On Monday - two days before - I spoke with all three of my classes about the H1N1 influenza pandemic of 1918 and the fizzled H1N1 scare of 1976. I also talked about the very minimal risk of flu shots. I gave them the data on people who have been ill and people who have already died in 2009.

    The result - of 75 students - only two received the free flu shot - plus me.

    I had the flu shot in 1976 too.

    Who was it that said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Ben Franklin

    I hope this H1N1 outbreak fizzles like 1976

    - since most of my students are unprotected.

    Source(s): Fellow MD
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