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Sudetenland whilst hitler was in power?rising to power? HELP?

i have a history GCse mock this week coming and i need to know about events in the sudetenland in the period that hitler was coming to power? rising to power .... i ve been searching the internet and looking through books for ages but cant find anything.. can someone break it down for me ? thankyou =)

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    Sudetenland was the outer region (the far north, west and south) of what is today the Czech Republic (Bohemia & Moravia province of Austria-Hungary). As they were German speaking, not Czech speaking, Hitler rather liked them and wanted to empower them in a BIG way.

    Czechoslovakia had just been given indepedence after WW1, and this gave the Czechs (with capital city Prag) full power and control over the Sudenten Regions. Hitlers Plan was to create a country of Sudeten that could rule over the Czechs (who were&are Slavs, and Hitler hated Slaves).

    He also wanted to return the Prag university to being German-speaking, just as it was when it was Europe-s oldest and greatest university.

    His plan backfired when he lost the war (WW2), and the Sudeten were all deported, their posessions all taken away, all were left extremely poor, homeless, uprooted, and the Czechs were left in posession of ALL land and all businesses on Czech land.

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    If you use "Sudetenland history" in a google search you will get almost 90,000 hits amongst which go to the Wikepedia entry for an excellent summary of the history of this troubled region post first world war and leading up to the second.

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