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In the Marines, do the women get the same intense physical and psychological training as the men do?

Also do they learn hand to hand combat, and knife fighting? How well do they preform in combat?

I'm just asking that because although females are technically not supposed to be in battle, there are some that are anyway. Do they learn to thrown grenades?

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    From what my daughter went through, the answer is YES! They get physical training, but there's nothing girly about it!! All his life, my son had teased my daughter for one thing or another, he also was a Marine! She was laying on the couch one day, and here he comes with his teasing, this time he was physical!!! She just lay there afe a minute, then WHAM!! she got him right where it hurts! LOL!!!! Don't anyone kid yourself! Women CAN deliver punishment!!!! He never teased her again! Of course, those girls had their Gunny wrapped round their little fingers! I saw it for myself when I went to visit her in Yuma!! They did the Military exercises on the Dunes, suffered the heat, and rode down the Colorado on tires! The girls, all 18 of them,ages 17 to 21 years old, outdid their male fellow soldiers when it came to using their brains! They ALL passed their FCC Licenses the first time, went on maneuvers with the guys, received no special treatment when it came to survival, didn't get sea-sick when travelling to Japan, not like the boys!! I have no idea why men think women can't fight as well as men!! They have good trigger fingers, and what does it take to throw a grenade!??? Good stuff comes in little bundles, and NEVER underestimate the power of a woman!!! We can be damn mean when we want to be!!!

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    Physical no, hand to hand yes, knife fighting isnt really taught anymore, they perform as well as they are able to, just like their male counterparts. Combat is more in the mind than in the gender. Everyone learns to throw grenades.

    For a Male Marine to max his PFT he must make 20 pullups, 100 crunches, and a 18:00 3 mile run. For a Female to max her PFT she must do a 70 second flex arm hang, 100 crunches, and a 21:00 3 mile run. Does that sound the same to you?

    Source(s): Army Scout
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    They are trained the same as men only the PT requirements are not as high. They are still required to shoot weapons and train in hand to hand combat, even though they probably won't see the front lines of any war. Psychologically they are all Marines and treated the same.

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    no they have to do every thing the girly way. Like girl push ups. And for knife fighting they get like buttur knifes. Instead of grenades they throw bouquets.

    Source(s): lol just kidding of course. They do the same rigors as their male counterparts.
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    it would only make sense. otherwise all the women would just be replaced with better-trained men

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