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北海道 + Tokyo 13 days trip

I wanna planned go to 北海道 4 or 5 days and Tokyo 8 days in Feb, can you guys give me some suggestion about the trip?

i am first time go to 北海道, so what is the cheapest way went to 札幌 from Airport?

And how about hot spring? i wanna choose some cheap hotel due to i dont wanna spend so much in the living. thanks you!!


I am not first time go Tokyo, but i preferred to shopping there

北海道 i just wanna go to 札幌 and 小樽 to see the snow Fest and eat~

From Air port to 札幌, only can be JR (Rapid? have normal one?

Any hot spring introduce? Coz I wanna chose the hotel that only charge the suite fee rather than charge per person

Update 2:

Thank you very much for your suggestion!!!

Actually i also planned to stay in toyoko Inn...but there was so many in Sapporo, which one is more convenience or better ar? and easier to find?

Update 3:

thank you so much!!

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    Have you been in Tokyo before? If time's available, you'd better arrange longer time in Hokkaido rather than in Tokyo cos' Hokkaido's much much large than Tokyo and therefore takes longer time to travel.

    The access method can be searched through enter "新千歳空港”&”札幌”, choose the time and date then press"檢索"will be okay.

    a. Through JR [快速]エアポート(Airport) 機場快線, JPY1340 36min.

    b. Airport Bus (空港連絡バス(新千歳空港-札幌)) JPY1000 70min.

    Since only a little bit higher but much faster, "a" is suggested.

    For hot springs, the nearby hot spring area of Sapporo 札幌 is 定溪山 and next will be 朝里of 小樽.

    But the rather famous will be 登別 . But accommodations with hot springs will be much higher. For budget travellers, one can stay in accommodations without hot spring but go to the nearby hot spring centres in hotels or other open hot spring centres to enjoy hot spring baths. Proposed time and route for 4-5days trip will be: first and last day for travelling and settle down, second and third date in Sapporo and 小樽. One more day can be taken to either 登別or 旭川, both take only about 2 hours to arrive and can have a whole day fun there..

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    For the train fare, the additional express fee's only JPY300 and doesn't need to change other lines. The normal one's fare's JPY1040 and need to change lines. So express will be quicker and not too expensive. The cheapest way is by airport bus but takes longer time.

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    For accommodation in Sapporo, you can stay in Toyoko Inn near the Sapporo Station (the charge is per room) . You can book it through internet easily.

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    To go to hot spring, there're some hot spring accommodations offering one day return(日帰り) plan (meal + hot spring package with shuttle bus services in the "定溪山"Area ttp:// . For example (JPY2000 per person).

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    The one I recommanded above is closed to the JR Sapporo station which is more convenient when compared with other areas. Others need to take metro to access after arrival from JR and therefore is not so recommanded. You can find it through the instructions in the given link easily.

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