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冷鋒Cold Front ,主要是指冷空氣團主動向暖空氣團推進,並取代暖空氣團原有位置所形成的氣團。由於冷空氣團密度較大,暖空氣團的密度較小,所以冷暖宣氣團相遇時,冷空氣團就會插到暖空氣團的下面,暖空氣團被迫抬升。在上升過程中,大氣逐漸冷卻,如果暖空氣團中含有大量的水分,就會形成雨;如果水氣含量較少,便形成雲。






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    Cold front Cold Front, is mainly refers to the cold air group on own initiative to the warm spatial air mass advancement, and substitutes for the air mass which the warm spatial air mass original position forms. Because the cold air group density is big, the warm spatial air mass's density is small, therefore the changes in temperature proclaim time the air mass meet, the cold air group will insert to warm spatial air mass, the warm spatial air mass will be compelled to jack. In the rise process, the atmosphere cools gradually, if in the warm spatial air mass includes the massive moisture contents, will form the rain; If the moisture content are few, then forms the cloud.

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    Cold front Cold Front, mainly refers to the cold air, warm air regiment regiment took the initiative to push forward and replace the warm air group formed by the original location of air mass. As the cold air, group density, the smaller the density of warm air regiment, so warm and cold air masses meet, when declared, will plug into the warm air cold air regiment of the following groups, warm air regiment was forced to uplift. In the rising process, the atmosphere, gradually cooling, if the warm air contains a lot of moisture in the group will form a rain; if less water vapor, they form a cloud.


    The damage caused by the cold front

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