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A float switch,for 20 MINUTE FUEL caution panel circuit,is on left cell sump,right cell has two quantity gage tank units,interconnected with another located in center after cell.

A defueling valve is provided on crossover fitting at rear of left forward cell,with an access cover on lower skin.Each forward cell has two drain valves,for sump and for forward compartment.

Crashworthy fule system incorporates breakaway fittings and valves (self-sealing) at strategic locations to permit complete separation of system components without loss of fuel.


1.supplementary fuel system

2.Crashworthy fuel system


4.Fuel boost pump

5.Engine firewall

6.Fuel strainer

7.Thermal expansion

8.Trapped fuel

9.Lateral baffle

10.Flapper valve

11.Flow switch

12.Float switch

13. 20 minute fuel caution panel

14.Breakaway fitting

15.Self-sealing valve

16.Strategic location

17.Defueling valve

18.Drain valve

19.System filler cap

20.Gravity fed

21.Electrically operated fuel boost pump

22.Fuel control shutoff valve

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    Crashworthy fule(為專有名詞)系統合並脫離配件和閥門(自動封閉)在戰略地點允許系統元件的完全分離,不用燃料損失。




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