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旁白:這件事發生再某一天下午的一間 餐廳 有一位變態 盯上一位有錢人

服務員:你好 歡迎光臨 請問是一位嗎?







傳菜員:這是你的牛肉麵 請小心燙 請慢用


旁白:當他要拿起筷子要吃東西的時後 一名變態衝進餐廳 拿起了槍說

壞蛋:不要動 我注意你很久了 有錢人了不起喔 現在我就讓你變成窮光蛋

旁白:這時候 外面傳起了 警察們的聲音

警察頭頭:XXX 你已經被包圍了 不要在抵抗了 放下武器 出來投降八

壞蛋:休想 我有人質 你們準備....

旁白:這時壞蛋本來正要準備說出解放人質的條約 這時客人....

客人:去你的 老娘正要吃東西 沒看到我餓3天了嗎

旁白:這時那位餓了3天的人其實是柔道三段的高手 她就把壞蛋 給打到地上

旁白:這時警察頭頭看情勢有利 他說

警察頭頭:上 把壞蛋圍毆一頓


警察們:狗屎 狗屎 狗屎

旁白:就這樣壞蛋被打成殘廢 被警察拖回警局 謝謝大家 結束


我很懶 請大家 幫我翻譯看看 謝謝^^

Update 2:

可不可以 在幫我翻一句 我又多加了 壞蛋的動作 以下

旁白:這時 壞蛋 就出手 打警察頭頭


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    Narrator: One day in the afternoon, in a restaurant, a pervert targeted a rich man/woman.

    Waiter: Welcome! How many people are coming?

    Guest: Just me.

    Waiter: Okay, then please come with me. What do you want to order?

    Guest: Um... one beef noodle, and the big one. Because I haven't eat anything for three days. Thank you.

    Waiter: Got it. I will give it to you as soon as possible.

    Narrator: After five minutes.

    Server: Here is your order, beef noodle. Be careful, it's really hot.

    Guest: Thank you.

    Narrator: When the guest picked up the chopsticks, ready to eat, but the pervert outside rushed in and raised his/her pistol.

    Robber: Freeze! I noticed you since you came in! You're rich, but you're such a snob! Now, I am going to let you have nothing left in your pockets and wallets!

    Narrator: But then, outside was full of polices' voice.

    Police chief: XXX, you are surrounded now! Stop resisting! Weapons down, XXX! Come out and let me take you to the police office!

    Robber: Never! I have got a hostage here, and -

    Narrator: The robber was going to say the terms for releasing the rich man, but the guest...

    Guest: F*ck, I was going to eat my beef noodle! Can't you see that I haven't eat any thing since three days ago?

    Narrator: Actually, the guest who haven't eat since three days ago is a person who is really good at judo. So then he/she punched the robber and the robber was lying on the floor.

    Narrator: Then the chief of police thinks that it is a good time for them to attack, so he said:

    Police chief: Go! Punch the robber!

    Narrator: When the polices punched the robber, they sweared at the same time.

    Polices: Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t!

    Narrator: Then the robber was maim by the polices, and the polices dragged the robber away to the police office.

    Narrator: Thank you. The end.


    Narrator: But the robber punched the police chief.

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    Aside: One in the afternoon of some day happens again in this Restaurant There is abnormal one Keep a close watch on a rich man

    Waiter : Is it one that you are easy to welcome to ask?


    Waiter : This way, please

    Waiter : Could you tell me can I take your order?

    Guests: Kindness ...I have been hungry for three days that the beef noodle beef has wanted the beef of the big bowl

    Waiter : I can help you to send up as soon as possible

    Aside: Through 5 minutes

    The persons who spread dishes: This is your beef noodle It is careful and hot to invite Please use slowly

    Guests: Thanks

    Aside: After when he should want to pick up the chopsticks to eat One rushes into the restaurant abnormally Say after picking up rifles

    Scoundrel: Don't move I have paid attention to you for a long time Rich men are amazing oh I let you become a pauper now

    Aside: At this time Have spread outside The police's voice

    The heads of police: XXX You have been already besieged Don't be resisting Lay down arms Is it surrender 8 to come out

    Scoundrel: Don't imagine I have hostages You prepare ....

    Aside: The scoundrel was originally about to plan to say that the hostage's treaty is liberated at this moment Guests at this moment ....

    Guests: Go you The old mother is about to eat It is hungry not to see me for 3 days

    Aside: That is hungry the person of 3 days is actually three sections of past masters of judo at this moment A scoundrel of hers Hit to the ground

    Aside: It is favorable that the police heads see the situation at this moment He says

    The heads of police: Have and enclose the scoundrel to beat up one of

    Aside: The police say while hitting at this moment

    The police: Dog's dung Dog's dung Dog's dung

    Aside: In this way the scoundrel is hit disabled Towed back to the public security bureau by the police Thank you Over

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