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Why does the world hate Jews and Israel?

Why does the world hate Jews and Israel?

People will deny this, but when it comes down to a nation attacking Israel the world sees it as not that big of a deal. Now when Israel defends itself the world reacts with outrage. GOD will never allow Israel to be taken over bye gentiles again! That's why casualties on their enemy's side are always worse. Israel has the right to exist. Why does the world hate them? Is it because GOD said "They will hate you for MY sake"? How do you feel about this issue?


Thank you all for proving my point. Israel will alway belong to GOD's own.

Update 2:

You can't claim to be a Christian and hate Israel and Jews. God's has been very specific and blunt on Israel. It's a Jewish and Real Christian birthright for eternity.

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    The Jewish State of Israel is an estranged brother to the surrounding Arab and Muslim Countries. There is hatred, suspicion, fear, and loathing between them now after decades of conflict. If Israel opens it's boarders the first people in will be suicide bombers. These criminals are hailed as martyrs and venerated for their atrocities by the same people who claim that Israel is acting unjustly.

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    All you people who hate the Jews go ahead and keep hating the Jews the Bible is very clear. If you curse the Jews God will curse you it's very simple and very clear.

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    Because if you were the girl whose all 7 members of her family were killed by the Israeli army while they were having a picnic at the beach you'd hate their guts! If you saw her picture calling at her dead father's body and asking him to answer. You'd know why Israel should be hated.

    If you were that mother who lost her 4 month old after their house was bombed, if you were a teacher at that school in Gaza that israel bombed to the ground in January 2009, if you were, the injured mother of 5 who didn't get medical care after Israel bombed the hospital in Gaza and died leaving her family behind...

    If you saw the massacres, the devastation, the nuclear weapons Israel has, the mass destruction against civilianss, stealing land and building settlements, if you were there you'll cry yourself to death

    And in the end, the world doesn't hate Israel! because Israelis own the media, they control the minds, and don't respect any international law

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    We dont hate Jews or Judaism, I know some Mizrahim Jews from Yemen and Lebanon who I like very much

    We (Arab Muslims and Arab Christians) we hate Israel because

    1. They sent European Jews to kick out Native Christians and Muslims out of our land

    2. They made Irgun terrorist group to create Israel, and they bomb us and take us out of our house, and they bring in Russian Jews

    3. They burn down the churches and mosques, they bombed many christian schools in south lebanon and they bomb villages with innocent people in it

    4. They say they own Jerusalem, only Jews, when also the Christians and Muslims see it Holy. They do not allow Lebanese and Syrian (Christian and Muslim) to enter Jerusalem.

    5. They burn Bible, the Israeli spit on Arabs and the police do nothing about, the Israeli Jews will attack many times the priests in the Jerusalem church and nothing done about it

    6. Israel today is not like Jacob, Jacob listened to God, Jacob will have accepted the Messiah. Israel and Judaism today is not like Abraham's faith, they reject Messiah.

    7. Israel pays Jews from ALL OVER WORLD even Russian, Poland, Germany, Hungary, they pay them 10000 dollar each to move to Israel, but they will not let Palestinian Christians and Muslis who have the property papers and evidence to live there

    8. Israel attempting to create a pure religious Jewish state, and drive out the Christians and Muslims from the Holy Land. Within 20 years, they changed the Jewish population from only 10% to 60%.

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    I'm wondering in what part of the world you live. Here in the United States, Israel can do no wrong.

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    I don't hate the jews i just just hate the middle east in general cause in the last 60 years it has caused nothing but problems.

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    People do not hate Israel, most people I know just feel that it is time to let Israel sink or swim, to stop defending them and let them deal with their own problems. Can you see Palestine's point of view? They feel their land was taken and they want it back. And the quote you are talking about, wasn't in the time frame of when Jews were given land because of the Holocaust. And most people do not hate Jews, that's just ridiculous.

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    The world is not divided between Jews and "gentiles."(whatever that is) And maybe people are tired of people like you putting Jews up on some pedestal. I don't care what you think the Bible says, my knee is not bending blindly to the Jews! They are people like anyone else, with flaws and an ugly history of bigotry and bloodshed just like everyone else.

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    The world doesn't hate are misinformed. The world also doesn't HATE Israel either....though some, in fact many, including myself see the fact that Israel has inflicted many war crimes and ethnic prejudiced abuses on the Palestinians....that one could compare them to Nazi that only one race is suited to live in their land, and they will use any means to "preserve zion" and keep the Palestinians out of their land. It seems rather wrong to me...and i will NEVER blindly support any state based soley on what one religion founded by Israelites (cough cough) says about it.

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    as far as the middle east goes the muslims feel they're the intruders.

    as far as europe and the west goes people hate them because of their wealth.

    some people hate them because they're God's chosen people.

    i don't get it. God isn't finished with the Jews yet...they'll play a significant role in the end times.

    i love 'em!

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