What should I do in NYC? I LOVE FASHION and i'm already going to stop by Top Shop, and Patricia Fields store.?

It doesn't have to be just fashion but are there any cool hole in the wall places to shop, eat or hang out at? My sisters and I (we're all 20 yrs old) will be there for the first time, and we want to have fun (without hurting our budget lol). We're going to be staying in a Hostel in Manhattan, and i want to be like a New Yorker for 4 days, not a tourist! lol Any cool thrifts, museums, shows, eaterys...anything

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    Go visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, two landmarks of New York City. To get there by the ferry, you need to purchase round-trip ferry tickets at Castle Clinton National Monument in Lower Manhattan. Ferries from New York operate on a loop, stopping first at Liberty Island and then at Ellis Island before returning to Battery Park, New York.

    Directions to get the ferry dock:


    Go visit the Empire State Building, one of the many landmarks of our city. It is located at 350 5th Avenue. To get there by MTA subway, take the 1, 2, or 3 (Seventh Avenue Lines), A, C or E (Eighth Avenue Subway) to 34th Street/Penn Station. Or take the B, D, F, N, Q, R or Path to 34th Street/Avenue of the Americas.

    Go walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, which is, if I'm correct, which I might not be, is the oldest structure in the city. If not the oldest structure, the oldest bridge. To get there, and walk across it, take the 4, 5, or 6 to the Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall stop. Another option would be to take the J, M, or Z to Chambers Street.

    Go visit Coney Island, the home of the world famous Cyclone roller coaster. The amusement park will be closed, especially in the winter time, but the aquarium is open year-round, and sometimes the pier is open, so you can get some snacks -- they have fantastic corn dogs on the pier. To get there by train, take the D, Q N or F train to Stillwell Avenue, which is the last stop. This takes about 45 minutes from midtown Manhattan, and sometimes longer, depending on where you are coming from.

    Go to visit some museums. There are so many, that listing directions to all of them would be a waste of your time and my time, so instead, I will give you a list where there is a list of all the museums of New York City. You can pick some that sound interesting, and then you can find directions to that place, either from the website, or from Google, simply by typing in "directions to" and insert the museum you would like to go to beside it.

    "Museums in New York City"


    “New York City Zoos and Aquariums”


    Since I am not a shopper -- I'm more of an explorer -- I don't know too many good hole-in-the-wall places to find some good stuff. There is one place I know, called "Tibet Bazaar", which is on Amsterdam, between 82nd and 83rd. I've gotten some Christmas presents for relatives there before, and it's a beautiful store with beautiful clothes and wallets and things like that, and it's run by the nicest lady in the world, and it's nice, friendly, and calm. It's not really hole-in-the-wall, but it certainly does not receive as much credit as it should.

    "Tibet Bazaar" Official Website:


    "Top 25 New York Boutiques"


    "Best New York Boutiques" As voted by customers


    "The Top 100 Boutiques in New York"


    "Best of New York City"

    This is a website I found that has a guide to the best food, the best shopping, the best tours, and et cetera. For the best of both worlds, visit this website for the highest rated restaurants in the city, the best tours, the best bars, and the best everything:


    “New York City Attractions”


    “Things to do in New York City”


    All the best ♥

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