Spiritually Philosophising - ''thou shalt not suffer a witch to live''......?

Your opinions on this firm biblical and wise law on the perils of devilry and witchcraft.


The witches on this forum and elsewhere are not neccessarily jewish in origin although they may be supported by that sector. The actions evidenced or otherwise of witches affect all of us, hence it is an issue fo rall is it not...?

Update 2:

moomdog - contrary to popularisation of witchcraft, a witch is a witch one dabbling in the blakc arts, casting spells and raising demons. This hype and aggrandising an evil is ludicrous fo rany intellgent person.

Update 4:

so what does it say in the original?

Update 5:

moondog – modern day witches are no different from olden time witches, harnessing the power of humanity to lead astray, bind, control and destroy the minds of the good. Yes I am woefully aware of the modern day witches in power and their media henchman from the major religious denominations. The state empowered feminists protected and now armed with almost legitimised witchcraft power{see revelations} So Help Us God.

Update 6:

.It is a sin to publicise witchcraft but almost a moral imperative for the clergy and good to defend themselves of this group by method and use of the same tools. I sense an end to this ridiculous farce - help God help, witchcraft is diametrically opposed and destructive to Spirituality and Spiritual Science the liberation of the human soul.

Update 7:

Edward I canprovide links to witches offering their services on the internet, in the media and elsewhere. Semantics lulls the public psyche as social divisions fuel tribal and racial affilations. A witch is an evil wench using blakc magic to spelllbound, torment and destroy the good and defenceless.

Update 8:

here, here is a plug for the witch group - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVUonfj-uJk

Youtube thumbnail


Update 9:

mygodreigns - Who is your God?

These witchy questions invariably attract the creepys, indicative of what resides here on yahoo rs...

Update 10:

moondog - we await your clarification on what is a ''modern day witch''...

Update 11:

ambassador from hell - what is the difference or distinction between a black witch and a white witch, apart from the vitiligo albinoism...?

Update 12:

Wisdom neither serves nor seeks worship, rather sheds light to those who incline ear and slays demons seeking to distort its truth and sense. There is proof both for God and his destroyers the witch devils, insinuating the lack summons the evidence.

Update 13:

edward - psychological games dont work upon the thinking mind and governed will. I may be tormented and harangued by your coven and tribes but not to the point of losing my sense of self identity...

Update 14:

Look at it from Gods perspective – The black arts of witchcraft subvert the natural laws of Gods will and nature, of virtue being its own reward, of God being Supreme Judge and law. Nothing prospers in nations and societies where witchcraft is commonly used. Each time its usage causes mass social disorder, emotional turmoil and mental instability crusades are launched to destroy the practitioners and restore peace and equilibrium. It will happen hence the silence from the witches quarters and their henchman. Moral of the day – you may conjure wisdom into your den of hatred and deception, but you cannot make it perform for any length of time.

Update 15:

Elaborate alan h - kindly elaborate and cite verse to corroborate your opinion that christianity and judaism support blakc magic, withcraft and voodooism...?

Update 16:

Kirra blackheart – if a known witch caught under surveillance uses black magic to raise demons always to manipulate, control and usually to destroy another’s peace of mind, good fortune or entrapment is flouts the laws of any civilisation and the civil liberty and rights of the witches unsuspecting victims. You obviously are fully aware of the power of witchcraft and are using western arguments to defend a barbaric and evil black art. A discerning society that keeps Gods laws, lives by virtue. Love and peace is a civilised society.

Update 17:

Witchcraft and devilry by its nature is used by section of society without any standing or moral authority. The religions who corroborate by their silence are they who cling to Gods name whilst running and doing the devils world and blaming any retribution upon a God long withdrawn from this world.

Update 18:

And yes moondog I am also fully aware a greater number of men are executed for crimes committed in greater number by women who escape punishment. The modern day witch hunts for philandering clergy and child abusers whilst adulteresses, home wrecking witches accrue fame and great fortune by selling their stories to an eagerly listening media. Man and God has since time began has been blamed and paid for the sins of women as prostitutes and witches

Update 19:

God’s word is Absolute Truth, Pure Reason and Logical. Wisdom. Mans testimony prejudicial and based upon his own perspective, fears, ambitions and limited intellect. The scriptures are all based upon Truth and distorted by misinterpretation to justify evil or injustice, very similar to what witches and their sympathisers are seeking to do at this juncture.

Witchcraft distorts the Wisdom and Counsel of God, it perverts the good towards licentious behaviour for purposes of defamation and empowers the most sinful and wicked, as well you know, further substantiating the belief immoral women are the root of all evil, that if man were to overcome them witchcraft binds the poor victim to a life of hellish oppression as any victim knows.

Dante’s nine circle of hell - as played out on yahoo rs...

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    We are passing through a phase of spiritual darkness, where affluence and freedom of travel has brought not peace and familiarity between nations and people but further extremism in the guise of such causes as mentioned, feminism, heathenism, resulting in social deviation, one extremism exacting a response of another equally vocal and extremist group. This is mostly caused by a lack of any strong unifying Leadership or moral responsibility culminating in this bizarre issue of witchcraft and practice of these devilish powers.

    A strong spiritual leader becomes not a guiding visionary although noises are made to the effect of another’s suffering being of use to society, with carrots proffered before the noses of the consumed with ambition and gain to remain silent for fear of incrimination. We free spirits are able to talk voluminously in truth without any such fear.

    You cannot change a divided world, this period will pass as the love and sense raised will quell any such evil uprising no matter what guise it dons. Just be happy, preaching and public service is best done from churches and temples, and the best you can do for God is to prosper in peace and truth. The ‘’people’’ are but a tool of the unscrupulous to use in their mechanisations and have to date rarely helped any such free spirit disinclined to be part and privy of the system, be it religious, political or media.

    Gods peace, love and blessings be upon you.

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  • 4 years ago

    that's you picking and picking. You %. and choose while to work together the innovations, and while to no longer carry out a little clever study. What you quote isn't something to do with Christianity. that's old testomony .. old covenant .. for old Israel. Jesus closed that covenant and regularly occurring a clean one with a clean technique of get entry to to God - by Him. That became the beginning up of Christianity, so your concept is on a pretend premise, groundless and moot. Witch burning in Salem and different places might ok have been "ok" to three nutters in the comparable class with the aid of fact the guy in Norway some weeks lower back... yet do no longer characterize Christians on their very own say so. somebody such as you may elect to hold them up as examples of "Christians" ~ yet you are the LEAST qualified to appreciate the adaptation. you brush undemanding experience below the rug.

  • 1 decade ago

    And people wonder why so many are turning away from christianity and looking for more peaceful, much less violent religions...

    ETA: You forget that the book you are quoting from is man's word, not Gods, and it has been perverted over time to suit the ends of men. A supreme being would be above the petty vengeful hateful mentality of mankind.

    Doesn't your 6th Commandment state clearly "Thou shall not kill"?. What about Matt. 7:1 "Do not judge, or you too will be judged." Who are you to presume that you can speak for God and judge us?

    ETA: By using the terminology "Black Magic" you not only show your ignorance but also your racism. The concept of black equals bad/white equals good is a racist concept and has no place in modern civilised society.

    I do not believe in your devil. It was a myth created by the early church to scare naive idiots into parting with their money, a strategy that continues to work today. I'm sorry but I'm too old to believe in Boogymen. However, the Pagan Gods were worshipped long before your christian god, since most of your religion is based on myths stolen from the pagans anyway, and They will continue to be worshipped long after christianity is nothing more than a scarytale to frighten youngsters into behaving.

    Source(s): KB, Pagan and Witch
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  • It is from the Old Testament. With the advent of the New Testament the old is swept away and the new supersedes it. They may have had a different definition of witch in the Old Testament days than we do now. Nowadays it is not unheard of for a witch to be a Christian, and who practices white magic.

  • 1 decade ago

    The "witches" mentioned in the Old Testament have absolutely nothing to do with the witches of today. And, while were at it, the "witches" of today have absolutely nothing to do with the witches of the 17th century (when that passage was translated).

    Old Testament Witch = Assassin (male or female) who specializes in poisons.

    17th Century Witch = Serial killers (usually male); i.e. people who kidnap, molest, and murder children while worshiping the devil. (At least that what the trials alleged, and that's what the 17th century "witches" typically confessed to. And, contrary to popular opinion, more men were convicted of, and executed for, "witchcraft" in the Counter-Reformation than women.)

    Modern Witch = Well, you probably have a pretty good idea on this one.

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    If you could be sure of correctly identifying witches, it might be a worthwhile tenet. But, generally speaking, the phrase "thou shalt not suffer a witch to live" has been used to justify the murder of old, single, vulnerable & usually poor women.

    So, no! I don't think it's a wise law.

    Don't think the phrase is in my Bible either.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That's not what it says in the original.

    For any who couldn't find it, I googled it:


  • 1 decade ago

    The New Testament supersedes that.

  • 1 decade ago

    everyone calls my nextdoor neighbor a witch 'cuz she's mean. Does that count?

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