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How to Find Professial Auto Detailer Used By Used Car Dealers?

I have a Dodge Caravan that has towed around 3 kids for 7 years. Would like a deep cleaning like when used car dealers prep their cars for sell and it looks like a new car. (not just a wash)

What's the best way to find someone who can do this for me? Should I just start calling dealers and ask them to refer me to who they use?

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    car dealerships dont properly prep their cars..

    MOST of them either

    A: quickly use a compound on the car and seal it with a wax. this in turns make it look good for a week, till the wax/fillers start to wear off, and you see the hazing caused by using a compound without following it with a finishing polish

    B: use a wax/filler to hide all the imperfections, again, once it wears off, it looks like ****

    dealers are in fact the last people you should call

    they cant even wash a car properly.

    heres my how to:

    1: wash car: hopefully you already know that this does

    2. clay car -this removes contaminants stuck to the paint, that normal washing wont get off. You can also clay your windows/wheels etc. I suggest meguiars smooth surface clay kit.

    3. Paint cleaners(aka polishes): These remove oxidation/scratches/stains/etc. They have no protection at all. Different strengths for different paints. I suggest starting with Meguiars Swirlx, and if needed, then step up to Meguiars ultimate compound. Apply in a 16x16 in. section with a microfiber applicator. Work it in for about a minute and wipe off immediately with microfiber towel. Inspect results, repeat or move up to a more aggressive product.Switch to a new pad every so often, as pad builds up with product/paint and thus making it less affective.

    4. Pure Polish: These help the paint shine by adding oils to the paint. But do not add protection either. Work best on darker colors and cars with single stage paints. But can still work good on lighter colored cars. Its really optional, since the paint cleaners mentioned above have polishing oils in them. But if you have single stage paint, then definitely use it. Use meguiars deep crystal polish, or their #7 polish. Just kind of message them into the paint, in a 16x16 in. section for about 40 seconds. then wipe off immediately. These can be a real pain to remove.

    5: wax: locks in polish, adds protection and shine. Apply using microfiber applicator and spread a thin even layer all over your car, not getting any on plastic/vinyl/pourous surfaces ( itll stain). Let it dry to a haze (usually 15 minutes) then wipe off with microfiber towel. Suggest meguiars nxt 2.0 tech wax or their gold class wax.

    it might take a weekend to do and a lot of elbow grease, since you have a bigger vehicle.

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    Find a car lot with really clean used cars, then call the used car manager and ask who does theres. Even if they do their own, he may be able to recommend someone else.

    A good professional detail is NOT cheap. Expect to pay $150+.

    But, it can often make a world of difference.

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    you could ask the dealership in the event that they are going to take 2 hundred over bill, yet they gained't take it. Why does it rely how lots the dealership makes on the sale while you're turning out to be a deal? they're there to make a earnings in simple terms like the corporation you paintings for. in the event that they're merchandising you the automobile which you relatively elect, ask them to take one thousand off the automobile and you will purchase it. No dealership can stay in corporation basically making 2 hundred earnings consistent with automobile. enable's positioned it into attitude. say a broker sells one hundred vehicles a month at 2 hundred earnings each. that's 20,000. Out of that there'll be the salesmen he has to pay for merchandising the vehicles. enable's say 10 salesmen sell 10 vehicles each. in this industry a "mini" is the minimum a salesperson will make for merchandising a automobile and that's one hundred. So now the broker basically has 10,000. then you definately've your revenues managers to pay, place of work help, component men, coverage, utilities, factors, etc. That 10,000 is long long previous plus some. It boggles my innovations why human beings while they're attempting to purchase vehicles get mad while they think of a broker is making an attempt to screw them, yet have not got any issue prepared to screw the broker.

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    Ask around at car dealers, to see who they use...when you come across the same name 2-3 have your person....

    Don't be surprised to find this guy working out of a two car garage, or retired gas station......

    And he will charge you, what you think at first, is a high price......

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  • Check your local yellow pages for detail shops also check with body shops as some of them also offer detailing. Depending on how bad the condition don't expect a miracle. Good luck

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    Go to the best car dealers in your area. Ask them for help.They can assist you.

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    Take it to your favorite dealer and ask them to detail the car for you, or they can refer you if they use and independent.

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    look in the yellow pages under car wash, most car washes do detailing or can recommend someone.

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