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Is it ok to always feel like this?

I'm not sure if this is content but it what I feel like most of the time not happy but not sad either, feeling empty (on the inside) and just idk there?

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    Well the answer is simple. You need to fill that empty feeling of being just "there". You can do it wih drugs, alcohol and that bu**s*hT or something that will be long lasting. You are the reason you're not happ..and im not being rude sorry. If something happened to you lately that made you feel sad then id say you have depressision and need councelling to get over it and feel better. But in your case I think its alot different. If you wanna feel happy mak yourself happy. This is done quite helping others. Try at least once or twice a day to do soemthing for someone else. Doing a good deed and putting someone inf ront of yourself for once will give you true happiness. Helping others is something so easy but noone does it muc anymore. The more you do for others the better you'll feel about yourself. Its ironic actually because doing everything for yourself leaves you empty but doing stuff for others leaves you feeling great. I am a Christian myself and am not going to push religion on you. its a free choice.I learned thorugh being a Christian and reading the bible that helping others in need will give you back twice the blessings. No you mightnt be a perso into God, religion or the Bible but they all just teach in a nut shell that the good you do for others will be returned 10 fold. You could also use comes back around.If your a pr*ck to someone, then its coming Right back to bite you in the ***. So try and put others ahead of you at least a few times a day or as often as you can and you;ll start feeling that loneliness and emptiness leave you. Like for me often post ansers to people who are in situations I was once in and try to help them by telling nthem what works and what worked for me. Yahoo answers is a good way to help others also. Just remember...never judge a person..they dont njudge you and none of us are judges. we are equal

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    This is in some people a common feeling and your just going to have to fulfill the emptiness in anyway you can without hurting yourself or others.

    I am in my forties and have felt that way a large part of my life as well. You learn to accept it and try to make the most of your life that you do have.

    Try writing short stories or poetry or paint pictures do something creative to fill up some of the void as well as relieving the feeling to some extent. Good Luck.

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    Im empty and sad at the same time.

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    Sounds pretty boring and if you are asking the question, it is not ok. Talk to your parent, school counselor and get an appointment with your doctor to screen you for depression and get you some help.

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    I feel like that all the time but idk if it's normal.

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