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Slogan for Small town, high quality Dog Grooming Salon?

My dog grooming salon (The Paw Wash) was est. in 2007 and I'm just now getting around to making a slogan. I need help! We focus on quality over quantity, and all of us really do love dogs. We're more expensive than home-based groomers, but less expensive/competitive with the closest Petsmart (18 miles away).

My hubby made a couple suggestions, "Upscale services at small town prices." I feel it should be either more cute or zingy. Also "Little Stinkers Welcome." That one I think is just lacking.

I did listen to the song "Car Wash" for ideas, as that's how I thought up the name. But came up empty. "Hey, get your paw washed today" ? Dunno if folks would get the reference lol :)

Any suggestions are welcomed. I would say to leave the words pampered, pooch, and canine those are in some of my competitors' names.



Dunno if it'll help but my salon's website is

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    Little Stinkers Welcome is funny!! What about " we know your pet by name" or" the kind of love you would give if you knew how to groom" hahaha. I dont think you should mention prices r money. Keep it happy and friendly sounding.

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    The Paw Wash means Perfection but not Pricey.

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    A cut above the rest.

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    1 decade ago

    happy dogs need happy haircuts

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