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Bank account for Amanda Knox Question?

I am going to be interviewed by my local news station and I e-mailed them about Amanda Knox and me opening an organization for Amanda. I do live in and around Seattle. I am just wondering what I need to do to open a bank account for Amanda Knox and her family. I am 14 so my dad would have to open it or my mom. Would I put my name and Amanda's under the account or...?

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    OK Amanda Knox is innocent all she did was live there i think that AManda didn't get what she deserved. they found no evidence against her. the only reason i think she acted wierd was because she had a mental dissability. not a big enourmas problem but that she can't think straight all the time like in the stupid police department all she did was do jumping jacks cartwheels i think she did that because she has a problem and why would she want to kill Merdith i mean wow they have some tension i haven't killed anyone yet and i won't same with amanda. now if anyone has something to say against me please tell me and i will help you all the way with your account thing if you want help because it ain't fair for amanda. and if anyone wants to email me i'm at say anything you want it just ain't fair. i think she should be not guilty and should be realeased.

    Source(s): watch dateline they have proved it
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    Your bank will advise you as to how to set up a non profit account for her benefit.

    She will appeal the decision in Italy, and I understand that they have a very good appellate system.

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    She got what she deserved. Something is very wrong with all of her behavior.

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