A potential employer called and I missed it!?

A potential employer called me yesterday around noon and Im just now finding out about it because it did not show up as a missed call, and I just listened to the voicemail. I called the number back and left a voicemail explaining what happened. Am I pretty much out of the loop or should I try to call back on Monday morning?

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    I had the same problem, an employer called and left a message on thursday

    I didnt get this message until thursday 4 pm.

    by the time I called they had already gone home

    I called again on friday and left a message.

    I called again on Monday and left another message.

    But they never called me back.

    that was my fault for not checking my messages often enough.

    Nothing I can do about it now.

    you can certainly call back and leave a message, but its up to the employer if they choose to call you again or not.

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    Only the one call? You can be certain that this job has been filled.I am wondering why you hadn't checked your messages in all this time when you knew you were going to job interviews? However, if you really liked the place, then as a courtesy you could call and apologize. Maybe your job search isn't that serious to you.

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    No one is at someone's beckon and call 24/7.

    If you are top candidate for the position (by far), then you have nothing to fear.

    It also would depend on the type of position and the starting date.

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    hey everyone makes mistakes (even though this isn't really a mistake since it wasn't your fault it still counts =]). i would call back monday but no grantees.

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    I would call back because harm could it do. You may be the one they want as an employee.

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