I'm in show choir and we are performing The 12 Days of Christmas... TOMORROW.

I did not know this.

The ONE practice I missed was when they picked parts to do. I got the leftover- the 12th day.

I JUST found out and I have NO idea what to do. I'm freaking out! I want it to be funny!..or at least not 110% lame.

some examples of things they are doing are:

"4 calling birds" *only 2 girls step forward. They pull out their cell phones to call the other two birds and yell "Where are you guys?! we look stupid!"

"3 French hens" *3 macho guys walk up and say "bonjour" "oui oui" "le baguet"sp?

"a partridge with a broken wing" *girl with sling on arm steps forward*

ANY brainstorming- dialogue or action- would be so much appreciated!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ahahaha, I was in show choir too a million years ago and I had to do something like that too and please, next time can you put the lyric "12 drummers drumming." I had to google that **** xD

    But anyway, the thing that comes to mind is that you can dress like a total metalhead (long hair with middle part, band T-shirt, skinny jeans, black converse) borrow some drumsticks from band, and do some headbanging while pretending to bang on the drums. It would be pretty funny and it would get the point across.

    (and LOL one guy says "le baguette." That's hysterical)

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