Electrical outlet is not working?

I recently plugged in a hair trimmer appliance into the electrical outlet near my bathroom sink, and the plug came out of the electrical outlet (the prongs of the plug did not have a snug fit with the outlet socket). After replugging it, it came loose again when I moved the wire of the hair trimmer. That unfortunately seemed to have shorted that outlet and now it is not working. Any ideas on how to check what's wrong? and how to fix it. The other outlets in the bedroom (since the bathroom sink is in an open area of the bedroom) are working ok.




So I don't believe this particular outlet has a GFCI as far as I can remember (I'm not in my house right now)

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    By code, any outlet that is potentially exposed to or near a source of water (bathroom, kitchen, outside, etc) must have a ground fault circuit interruptor (GFCI) outlet in the electrical circuit feeding it (or be a GFCI itself). A GFCI has a circuit breaker in it that trips whenever the slightest ground fault is detected. And, you have to reset the GFCI outlet to restore electricity to that outlet and any other outlet supplied by it.

    A GFCI has two small buttons on it: Test and Reset. Both buttons may be white, or the Test button will be red and the Reset button is black. Look for one or more of these outlets anywhere throughout your house, but most likely in the bathroom or kitchen. Push the Reset button. If nothing happens, that outlet did not trip. If you get an audible click, that outlet had tripped and it is now reset. If the outlet in your bathroom still doesn't work, look for another GFCI to reset. They sometimes wire multiple GFCI outlets together and both must be reset for them to operate.

    It's also possible that the circuit breaker in the main electrical panel itself has tripped. In that case, you have to go out to the breaker panel and look for one that's not in the fully on position. If you find one, switch it to off and then back to on to reset it.

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    You can purchase a simple outlet tester for about $8 at any home center. Make sure to get one that tests GFCI outlets. If the existing outlet is not GFCI it may be protected by another outlet, and a replacement outlet is less than $1, and it sounds like your existing outlet is worn out. I would get the tester and the outlet, turn off the power, replace the outlet, turn on the power, and use the tester.

    The tester looks like a plug with no wires, it has LED's on the front. They light up different colors to show you if it is right or not, and if not what is wrong.

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    If the retailers are GFI types, as others have suggested, (they must be, if placed interior the bathing room) you ought to in basic terms ought to push the "reset" button on the middle of all and sundry to sparkling up the subject. they are maximum in all probability under pressure on the comparable circut; whilst a GFI outlet is "shorted" or the attempt buttnon button pushed (which you probable did by way of twist of destiny, they are able to be incredibly comfortable) it is designed to additionally close down any retailers under pressure to it. So, whether one outlet isn't a GFI, it would nonetheless have been close down by way of the GFI on it is circut (resetting that one ought to sparkling up the subject for the two retailers).

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    Broken outlet.

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