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Body hair and intelligence?

Scientists have recently managed to find a positive relationship between body hair and intelligence, i.e. the more body hair you have, the higher the chance you´ll become a rocket scientist, a famous writer or a brain surgeon. I know little about the research paper itself, but I just want to ask what your personal experience is. Is your brain surgeon particularly hairy? Or your organic chemistry professor? Do you think there really can be a link between this bodily feature and IQ or EQ levels? Thanks for your answers

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    Testosterone levels may have something to do with it also, balding men tend to have more body hair too. The higher the testosterone generally the more analytical and left brained they are. Also more competitive minded, risk taking and egotistical. Obviously its not that cut n dried but higher testosterone levels are also associated with people who are in jail. So basically either hairy guys are in Mensa, or jail birds! Women are genetically superior to men XX compared to XY. Men are missing that extra arm of diversified traits, it's true.

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    The study you're asking about was performed by Dr. Aikarakudy Alias and found that there may be a correlation. "Alias's research focused on mecial students in the USA, which showed that 45% of male student doctors were 'very hairy', compared with less than 10% in the general population. Further investigations showed that hairer men got better grades when student academic rankings were compared. Alias went onto study 117 Mensa members (who have an IQ of at least 140) and found that this group tended to have thick body hair. In fact, men with hair on their backs as well as their chests seemed to have the highest IQ's within the Mensa members" (Psychiatrist Blog). However, this could be attributed to the fact that especially with men; body hair is usually equatable with high self-esteem as it verifies one of the central notions of being masculine, self-esteem of course also has a positive correlation with intelligence.

    On that note, many of my professors have been bald and not terribly hairy although another possibility could be that many feel that body hair (particularly facial hair) is a sign of wisdom (just look at many of the media's renditions of wise people).

    Source(s): Psychiatristblog.com
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    I've definitely noticed that Dr. Mehmet Oz sure is hairy! And he seems really smart to me!

    Source(s): Anecdotal, I know....
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    Huh. Sounds like you have too much time on your hands. Go buy some Rogaine.

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    LOL that has to be the DUMBEST thing Ive EVER heard.

    intellgence comes from studing and going to school. NOT because of your body hair.

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