What are the ten most important and why?

Out of this list of 21 choices which are the most important and why? and does anyone know when they happened? please help im extremely lost.


Invention of the cotton gin

Railroad tracks being laid

Kansas - Nebraska act

Bleeding kansas

Harper's ferry

Dred scott bombshell

Nat Turners revolt

Electon of 1860

Fugitive slave law (1850)

Missouri Compromise 1820

"the liberator" is published

Great britain abolishes slavery

The norht becomes industrial

the great potato famine

Wilmot proviso

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

Uncle Tom's Cabin

The Underground Railroad

Frederick Douglass autobiograpghy

"the Caning of summer"

south caroline succeeds

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    cotton gin beginning of industrial revolution

    rail tracks - opening of west

    fugitive slave law -beginning of end of slavery

    great potato famine - migration to new world-opening of america

    abolish slavery - followed by other white countries

    north industrial - spinoff of inventions , discoveries etc

    kansa-neb act - slavery/railroad discussed -relevant to the future then

    1860 ele - abraham lincoln- led to end of slavery

    nat turner - believed god ask him to lead a rebellion agst slavery

    dred scott- supreme ct ruling on slavery

    nearly all points are slave-related

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