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Bent valves in engine - LandRover Freelander?


Im looking at buying a second hand 4x4. Theres one for sale in my area, a 1999 LandRover Freelander, its selling really cheap ($3500) but thats because it is said to have "Bent valves in engine".

Q1. How bad is this? The user only said "bent valves in engine", nothing else, does this indicate they are hiding something else?

Q2. How much does it cost to fix it up, because even if it costs heaps (lets say $2000) i still think the car is a bargain at $5500.

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    never buy a used anything that needs work might cost 3500 to repair it and be worth 1500 after you fix it

    best advice keep looking

    part of checking a used car for problems

    type into search box

    how to check a used car

    will get you a check list to help look for signs of problems

    just knowing it needs work a great sign not to buy it at all

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    If there are bent valves in the engine, then the timing chain, or belt, either broke or slipped to throw the engine out of time, and the top of the pistons struck the valves, bending them. So there could be damage to the pistons, and possibly to the rods also.

    The best bet is to see if you could find a used engine, that would probably be the cheapest route, because trying to fix the present engine would probably turn into a money pit.

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    bent valves are not a good sign (or cheap) u'll have to get them replaced by removing the engine heads. the tappites have to be checked. if it has solid lifters they will need to be checked. the valve guides will have to be checked for oil leakage. that means a complete head job by a repair shop or they could sell u rebuilt heads for between $300 and $600 less labor. u will also have to have the top of the pistons checked to make sure none of the valves damaged them.

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    conceivable confident, low in value no. sell the petrol and purchase a diesel. Sorry. too plenty to alter to make it sensible with a Freelander. The a million.8 precise appeared after with the top gasket concern solved is a superbly stable engine. bypass to a stable expert not a important broking and get the engine fastened. look on the sequence at the instant in Land Rover proprietor on sorting an exceptionally undesirable a million.8 Freelander. a clean head and head gasket are actually not complicated to get or extra healthful, look in LRO for a expert close to to you.

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    Bent valves means the engine isn't running. Not worth $3500 when not running.

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