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Anonymous asked in Business & FinanceOther - Business & Finance · 1 decade ago

Dow Average Success Stock Investing?

What is the successful Dow Jones Industrial Investing scheme? and can any explain what's the difference: Dow Futures, Dow jones index and Stock Dow?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Well, i will not explain the difference of the Dow Futures, Dow jones index and Stock Dow...

    but i will share my Dow trading experience

    My story: The Dow Success.

    I started to trade Dow Jones Average in the early 2009.

    I have been trying many different Dow Jones Industrial Average system and robots.

    But most of the Dow index method are just fail in a few days or weeks. I had some

    success with the Dow Futures, but results were unstabile and I have decided to keep

    looking for a good Dowjones trading methods. I have been trying to trade using

    simple stock dow charts, trade by the indicators ...actually nothing is worked...

    I have also tried to trade Dow average day trading, i can tell you now for sure - you

    will lose all your money. Stay away from the Dow Jones Today or day trading! Don't

    search and look for Dow Charts, Dow live, Dow closing prices - you will end up with no profit.

    All of those "well-known" trading method are Doesn't work!

    Finally in September 2009, after all my fails and errors I have found a stock trading forum

    where people where discussing the "Dow Jones Never Loss Trade" system published by

    the German Professor of Economy Karl Dittmann. ( )

    I decided to give it a try... i was very impressed with the first 10 day results, it was working!

    I have made 7 Dow Jones Futures trade without a single losing trade...

    Well, You could attempt to learn DowJones Industrial trading by trial and error on

    your own, but I assure you - save your time and money, use the Karl Dittmann's secret Dow weapon! You will be able

    to make profits regardless of whether the stock Dow is going up or down...

    Anyone can copy and use the system here:

    Thanks for reading and I really hope you will make some money trading Dow average... Good luck

    Pierre Leon


  • Anonymous
    4 years ago


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    5 years ago

    Invest in high quality stocks.When you invest in stocks you decide when to sell and this is how you can control your tax implications.When in mutual funds the fund company makes those decisions and the fund could be down for the year and you could still owe taxes because the fund company might of had one big winner and alot of losers so the nav of the fund could be down and you still owe taxes this stinks,buy stock and your in control. You could buy stock in the electric company then join the dividend reinvestment plan and just watch your wealth accumulate of course it will be slow at first but in say twenty years the value really starts to grow quickly.Another thing forget about trying to keep up with the jonses and watch your wealth grow.The baby boomers will redifine retirement buy working until they die because most of them don't have enough to retire.HA HA HA baby boomer showoff you loseHAHAHA

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