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男拔萃同學請入. 今天STANDARD校慶特稿的英文...

先聲明我的英文不怎麼樣, 只是看了覺得奇怪的, 去查了字典, 有很多疑問,

DBS is bound up in the story of Hong Kong bound up in 是專心於 /忙於某事, story of Hong Kong 不是工作, 能不能is bound up in ?

DBS has spanned across 3 centuries....span 是及物動詞, 後面要加preposition 嗎?

Yet the road has not been smooth, but its commitment to education can be reflected in DBS boys..... 好像沒有見過 Yet....., but.....這句型, 可否這樣用? 是否應該中間是用full stop , not comma?

....excellence in extracurricular activities, which made DBS recognised as one of the best schools......made 之後可以接 +ed / passvie voice 嗎?

The committment brought DBS to growth in number of students......應不應寫成to grow, or brought DBS the growth?

the progress of the school and to the society.....society 前加 the 常常被指錯, 究竟是不是?

DBS rooted in HK...這是第二篇特稿的標題, 由於標題用past participle 常常用來表示passive, 驟看好像產生了 "DBS被徹底擊潰", 的歧義, 可否寫 DBS roots in HK / DBS takes its root in HK

Themed "root" is the feast which implies the long history of our school....這樣寫代表 implies 這動作是屬於 feast 而不是屬於 theme / root的, feast 可不可以imply任何東西?

The attended old boys can be traced back to class 1953. 是否 "出席的旧生可追溯至1953年的一屆" 的Chinglish 翻譯?


Established in HK does not limit the roots spreading over the world. 這句的主語是甚麼?

其實還有很多疑問的, 但已沒有位寫.

我猜這些文字是學生寫的. 交給學生去寫代表學校的文稿, 是對學生信任的表現, 也是很好的教育, 我很贊同 (不是反話). 但老師應不應該為學生的文字加以修正呢? 我不知道

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