How can a young american move to Europe and work?

I would mainly like to move to germany but I am wanting to move to Europe and learn fashion design. I don't know what sort of job I can get over there being so young and not speaking another language. I don't feel at home in the USA and finaly did in europe and I have to go back ! what should I do?

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    You should join the Army. It has been providing free trips to Europe for young Americans since 1942.

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    To study in Germany you have to have a DSH or TestDAF language certificate - there is no way around it - it is the rule for all foreigners. You can't come to Germany expecting to study without knowing any German. My advice is to start learning the language now, unless you decide to move to UK, then you won't need a language certificate, as you are already a native English speaker.

    For work in Germany you could get a job easily working the usual like waitress, working at a bar, but again, you need German. Life without much money is tough in any country regardless of how 'at home' you feel there, so work and save as much as you can in the meanwhile. Consider studying design in your own country (much cheaper) and then studying further in Europe at a later stage.

    Source(s): Live in Germany.
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