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were can I join a good guild in wow? best answer gets 10 points?

Im a lvl 22 druid and I can do a little bit of everything... (heal,dps,tank) in kalimdor right now........ but just tell me where u think I should go or what u think I should do....


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    Solo playing World of Warcraft is very difficult, especially at higher levels. Finding pick up groups for raids and dungeons is possible, but not always easy. In order to facilitate finding groups for activities and to have more fun, people form guilds. In case forming your own guild is not appealing, here are some tips on finding a good guild.

    Use the resources. Many guilds advertise for new members on the Guild Recruitment Channel, in all the major cities. The post is usually a short blurb about the guild, what they do and how they can be contacted.

    Decide what kind of guild you want. Do you want to raid? Level? Role play? Just enjoy the game? Ask around on the Guild Recruitment Channel. For instance, try saying “Level X (class) looking for light roleplaying and leveling guild.” Keep your posts short, but let guild recruiters know who you are and what you’re looking for.

    Talk to your friends. If you know people who are already in guilds, ask them about their guild. Just because your friend is in the guild doesn’t necessarily mean they like it. Better to make sure it’s a match for you before you ask to join.

    Test a guild. If you get an offer from a guild, ask around before saying yes. Many guilds have bad reputations that can easily be revealed through a little inquiry. If the opportunity presents itself, run some instances or complete some quests with a guild representative to get a feel for how they operate.

    Try and meet them! Try and introduce yourself to as many members of a prospective guild as you can. This will help you identify the kind of people in the guild and spot any folks who you think you may either get along with splendidly, or not at all.

    Keep trying! Many of the more famous guilds have long histories that stretch back to the beginning of World of Warcraft. They have very high-level and experienced players who can offer immense help and excellent raid opportunities. They are also extremely exclusive and many of them maintain a limited number of people in the guild. Keep in mind that illustrious guilds recruit illustrious people. If they don’t admit you at first, try again later or ask that you be notified when a slot opens up. Do not be forceful! A pushy applicant will get the boot very quickly!

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    ok, let me get into my gaming personality.

    1. you are too low for a "good" guild. all guilds at your level will be exactly the same.

    2. 22 is an incredibly low level. dont worry about guild status until you are 80. it honestly will not make a difference.

    3. dont say you are in "kalimdor" if you are honestly trying to get into a guild. literally half the game is there, and stating that will make you seem like an idiot.

    4. everyone knowns what a druid has the potential to do and you honestly dont need to state it either, but if you think that you can do all three at once shows that you have no idea how to play your class.

    5. you sound like an idiot.

    6. this is NOT the right place to ask. keep the game ingame. once again, you sound like an idiot.

    Source(s): used to play wow for many years. i dont anymore. school is more important.
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    enter in /2 in a city and ask to join a lvling guild your to low to get into a good guild

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