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latest must watch hot korean drama recommendation?

okay, i've watch boys over flowers, you're beautiful, coffee prince and some others so far..

any other good recommendation? is there any drama with really good looking artists in it??or the plot is bout popular high school students or some sort like that? pls recommend me a good one to watch. it doesnt really matter if its not new. thanks in advance. ^^

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  • 1 decade ago
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    hmm, not new but

    " i am sam " is pretty okay. (it has t.o.p! it's more about friendship though)

    "goong" (not goong s) was a really popular one among many students (love drama).

    There are some REALLY great korean movie /drama but they arent really based around high school students. still, WATCH ! i highly recommend it

    "my name is kim sam soon" <-- so funny and touching

    "200 pound beauty" <-- really moving .

    & theres alot of japanese good dramas too... if you're interested in seeing, watch:

    "hana yori dango" (its the japanese/original version or boys over flowers. it was said to have the best acting and i highly agree)

    "1 litre of tears" (this made everyone i noe cry)

    "hana kimi" <--the funniest drama i've ever seen.

    if u need sites to see it at?

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Boys Over Flowers. I never watched korean dramas in my entire life but as soon as i watched it i was completely hook!!

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