How do I audition for NH Media or YG Entertainment in 2010?

I want to know what kind of song that I would need and please give me some songs. And I'm not a teen yet. And I'm only 12 and don't live in Korea. So how would I audition by mailing a video to them and how would i send them a video of me and my cousins singing and how/where would I get the contract to give it to them for the audition? What are other good korean entertainments that me and my cousins can audition for? And I might move in with my aunt and them sometime in 2010 in Korea. What would mostly, likely happen if there's no relative of mine's that live in Korea anymore?

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    i will answer but this is only for the YG audition ..

    they really don't care what age you are as long you have a talent a 100% talent .You don't necessarily need to spend a lot of money to record at a studio. if it is too difficult to get an instrumental, it is alright to sing a capella. however, if you end up recording over an instrumental, please make sure your voice is clear, or you might use using your computer to record, using an MP3 with a recording feature, and etc.

    you can send your demo in this address:

    Sangsu-dong 394-10 Hoseong Building 3F

    Mapo-Gu, Seoul

    South Korea, ZIP 121-829

    KOREAN application form ->

    ENGLISH application form ->

    REMEMBER: do not use this form. only use it to figure out the meaning of the sections in Korean first so you can see their application form,

    you can also try audition in SM entertainment such as successful entertainment, and they have global auditions and you can email them and mail,just go in their websites ..

    that is the website for audition.

    as you can see, Sm entertainments have a successful bands or groups such as SNSD, DBSK,BoA, and many more artist..that have successful in life and i heard that they really care of their trainees, and they also accept what you want or style that you want, so why don't you go in SM entertainment .

    hope it helps,and gudluck to your audition :D

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    Sure but chances of getting in are really low.....foreigners often don't really realize how brutal being an idol is plus koreans can be pretty racist. You need to be extremely talented and beautiful with at least basic fluency in Korean to even be considered a possibility. When I say basic fluency, I mean like hardcore perfect accent and pronounciation and stuff. The only foreign girl I know they wanted can speak korean flawlessly and was an amazing actor but she didn't want to be an idol because they legit have no lives.

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    most korean entertainment companies accept their auditions via internet. They will meet you in person if they think you are the person they are looking for. Also, watch out for scammers because these companies will NOT ASK FOR YOUR MONEY!

    basically, there are 3 major entertainment in south korea: SM, JYP, and YG.

    SM highly values their artists' appearance more than their talent. This means if you are good looking and have average skill in performing, they will take you. It is not exaggerated to say that SM alone has created the "Korean Wave". I believe one of their headquarter is in LA, CA.

    JYP is really random and Jin Young Park picks really random people. Wonder Girls cannot sing, but JYP chose them anyway. His whole deal with 2AM and 2PM doesnt make any sense.

    YG is heavily based on hip hop / little bit of RnB. YG is the opposite of SM, they value your talents more than your appearance. for example, look at 2ne1. Most of them are not very good looking but they are really good. also consider 1tym and bigbang, they are considered legends of their time.

    good luck :)

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    If that doesn't work out, here is an open online audition, happy to help:

    Youtube thumbnail

    All the best :)

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