Booking a Trip to Washington DC?

My friend and I are looking into booking a trip to Washington DC. We want to visit the Holocaust museum, Lincoln Memorial and all of those spots, the Arlington Cemetary and experience the night life. Do you have any suggestions where to stay and other things that we should experience?

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    I've found that staying in the Crystal City area to be an excellent location. You're out of DC proper so the hotel rates are cheaper, yet the access to DC is very simple. The Blue and Yellow Metro lines run through the area and there are Marriott, Hyatt and other hotels right there. The Crystal City Marriott is immediately above a shopping center and the Metro stop. If you're flying and happen to be using Reagan National Airport, Crystal City is the first Metro stop from the airport. Having use of two Metro lines gives you flexibility as to where you might venture to on a particular day without having to transfer to the other Metro lines..

    For other locations to visit, if the weather is decent, try to make it to the National Zoo. For the Smithsonian Museums, I think the American History Museum is a must see, especially since it has recently renovated and reopened within the past year. I think the National Archives is a must see. Also, as you mentioned the Holocaust Museum, visit the Bureau of Engraving & Printing which is immediately next to it. They give tours and during the winter months, no advance tickets are required.

    Get a map beforehand and at least glance through it, as it's pretty easy to maneuver around on foot once within DC. Also, see the monuments at least once at night. They are all spectacular viewing after the sun sets.

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    You will have a much better trip if you have a good guidebook rather than getting a short answer here. There are many available; check at the library or bookstore. One is online here: but if you are going to be spending several days and many hundreds of dollars or more on the trip, it will be well worth the $15 for a good guidebook that you can flip through and then bring with you on the trip. Enjoy DC!

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    I stayed at the River Inn in Georgetown just make sure you are near a metro station. If you are all these sites are easy to get to. That one is within 5 to 10 minutes it matters how fast you walk.

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    examine for the climate forcast. gown consequently. placed on very gentle footwear. carry bottled water. you could consistently fill up at fountains. GatorAide or any of the capability beverages to rehydrate your physique, are perfect. %. some fruit for snacks. Snacks are high priced on that holiday.

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