Do you think men have been getting softer?

I mean softer, both physically and emotionally.

Growing up, I've always had the Rambos, Clint Eastwoods, Steve McQueens, etc to look up to. Now that I'm older, I'm looking at the younger generations of boys...besides Jason Statham, I can't think of one "man" these guys have.

Now boys are playing tons of video games, they don't know how to tie a tie, change a tire, ride a motorcycle, use a hammer/screwdriver, etc.

I feel like men are losing out on being men. How do you feel?

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    1 decade ago
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    To some extent yes. We are rewarded for "softer" behavior, so we get softer. I don't have time for video games, I can tie a tie, change a tire, ride a motor cycle, and use tools to build or fix things as needed... But so can my sisters.

    My dad says fitness is not possible anymore. He is an older man, and he is much more physically able than many of my school mates. We are encouraged to stay fit, but we are also encouraged to seek a life of luxury, and laze. These conflicting ideals combined with the obsoletion of ever going outside, or engaging in physical activity, has caused low ambition in many of us. Why go out and seek luxury, when so many of us can sit and be waited on, already? Even now I can- if I wanted to- take all of my classes online, order my food over the phone, work sitting down, and drive any distance rather that walk. Women will not see a problem with this lifestyle, so all of my needs would still be met.

    Further: I can live vicariously through the screen. I watched a disney add with the little ones, about a little girl who visited a native american camp, saved a life, stopped a war- she did all of these things on her computer (game). She was playing Pocahontas. It made me think: The real Pocahontas was a little girl when she saved the real John Smith. She'd been 12, and prepubescent, and she did it for real. Can you imagine any one her age doing that today? It would never even be suggested that a first world child or teen ever strive to take action for their beliefs beond holding a picket sign.

    Only a few centuries ago, it was that same action oriented behavior that caused this country (USA) to be born. When we can be super heroes without leaving our couch, or missing out on the beer nuts in our laps, why go out and do anything? Actions are often discouraged by our elders, and our laws, and it's not rewarded most times, and it's easier to stay home and live in luxury. Of course many of us are getting soft.

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    1 decade ago

    ROFL yeah I think I know what you mean. Today the traditional 'manly' task is so specialized that most of the current generation would rather go play with an I-mac than pop the hood and change a fan belt and do a routine service themselves.

    I sometimes feel abnormal and left out in this regard. I come from a long line of hairy-knuckled engineer-types. My grandfather was an electrical engineer. My father is a Builder. He brought me my first bomb at sixteen. I promptly overheated it and learned to replace most of a cooling system ><

    After gas prices went up I swapped to a bike. I knew how to ride already from playing on farm bikes as a child. I am twenty seven and I don't need to learn to tie a tie. The only time I will wear a suit, Is at my funeral LOL

    In my Grandfather's day, it was a relaxing ten minute experience changing a fan belt on the old ford. I spent all day trying to change a friends in a Jeep Cherokee. It took me hours to get to the stage where I could get access to the belt. When I did, the old one was torn to shreds so I had no size comparison. I got the wrong size. Twice. It was wrapped around a combination of seven idlers, pulleys and tensioners. I don't know if the I-mac brigade is exactly losing out.Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

    Source(s): My un-vented automotive design related rage...
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    1 decade ago

    Physically and emotionally yes. Intellectually, no. With that said the majority of humans are still below the curve.

    This is the age of technology, computers, networking, interfacing, globalization, and getting along. It is not brawn that reaches into the unknown and goes forward to conquer new territories these days but brain. This has also been the great equalizer as it allows women equal footing with men. The only muscle that counts is the one between your ears. If it requires strength to complete a task, a machine can be made to do it. The macho man is on the way out and the computer geek on the way in. Intelligence is the most highly valued trait in today's world. Those with brawn and daring will be reduced to manual labor for the new frontiers are beyond them.

  • 4 years ago

    Because man has a soft corner in his heart for a women. This is a beautiful creation of god which men has .its natural . now its up to women how to manipulate it. Be smart in your life please i am keep telling it to every body you don't need to ask it from anybody, in fact you will start solving others problems. just little bit of use your head and that's it. there is nothing in this world which you cant do. Be smart , brave and confident in your life. Don't let anybody to overtake you. You should be strong enough to stand against any difficulty and turn it down what so ever comes in your life. Make your self interesting . keep doing something. Go join something i.e go in medical profession be a doctor. Do something that everybody and more importantly you should be proud of yourself. make yourself interesting. Be humble and confident. You dont need to go after anybody everybody will come after you but first prove it that you are worth of it. Best of luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sounds like older men have gotten judgmental to me. Rambo movies are fun to watch for a good "manly" rush sometimes but if you think he's a role model for normal guys I worry about you. There is one thing I agree with you on though, men are "softer" physically these days. But then everybody is on average now. I also do think traditional masculinity is under attack when it's not always bad, but not all men are naturally like that or need to be like that.

    If ties go away, thank God. Those things come straight from the devil himself.

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    1 decade ago

    YES! Why do you think there are so many VIAGRA

    and broken-penis commercials on TV these days???

    ALL THROUGHOUT history women have been COMPLAINING that our equipment has been working a little too WELL. And now women are pretending to to have a "problem" with the fact that we are not banging ENOUGH of them????

    Well if that doesn't prove that women are never satisfied...........

    I would like to thank Tiger Woods for setting that new standard and let's get out there and bang more chicks!!!!!!!!

    But TIger is a mangina who's way too soft because he is actually dumb enough to pay a woman $20 million dollars so that he can NOT bang other chicks.

    That's brutal. I am SO GLAD I don't know a single man who would pay a woman $20 million to NOT bang other chicks.

    Considering that we have never had any problem screwing chicks for millions of years - and as a MAN - I can't help but rationalize that if a man needs to take A PILL in order to have sex, maybe its time for these chicks to HIT THE TREADMILL.

    Personally I am always harder after a breakup or not calling a girl again.

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    1 decade ago

    Yeah, it's the fault of the media. Just check out some of the TV shows that you see today. They are constantly placing men at the mercy of women in most of these programs. There may be a few exceptions, but for the most part, that's how most of them are. And why would it surprise anyone to learn that young men put into practice what they are seeing on these shows? Just another reason why TV is so dangerous...

  • Jill
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    1 decade ago

    I believe they understand more about what makes women tick, but softer, nah

    when they need to know they will learn how to change a tire, etc

    its all good, no worries

    Source(s): grandmother and mother of 2
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    1 decade ago

    They have become more metro-sexual.hahah.

    Just kidding.

    It's like you're expecting guys to be all vile and raw strength with muscles.I find this pretty pointless.

    For me a man would be someone whom everyone can respect for his abilities,not because he's scary,or because he can keep his word,but who does that nowadays?

  • 1 decade ago

    They've been talking about the feminization of men since at least the 1700's, but yes they are purposely being raised as sissies.

    It depends on one's social class-- nobody in the 'hood is buying into that crap though.

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