Is NH Media better or is YG Entertainment?

I was wondering which one better to audition for.

Well, thanks for the help everyone!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    YG -> really looks on your talent they really don't care how you looks are, but they really looks at your talent, they choose people have strong talent mostly in singing,rapping..They are producing songs such as RnB's and HipHops..

    NH -> nh media is not so popular entertainment in korea.i think they accept that have looks, they looks on what people looks, and know how to dance..

    and if you change your mind to this entertainments,

    i will recommend you

    SM and JYP ..

    SM entertainemnt -> has a global audition, just go to their website

    they really have a succesful entertainment and popular groups and celebs, so i will say that if you accepted here you will be very popular and because of their asian fans .. and they accepted what you like style .

    JYP -> has a global audition too

    the wonder girls that came from JYP is now famous in asia even in the america they really a big hit, and with the help of this entertainment they have a lots of support to their trainees and current artists,

    So why not try to audition to this recommendation ?? ..

    and gudluck for your audition :D

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