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Someone hacking my hotmail account?

A few months ago someone sent my mother an invitation, Who is blocking my MSN? She never clicked the link but sent the email to me. I sent the email back as a reply. I have not logged into my hotmail account for a few weeks. Today My mother logged into her hotmail account and found an email supposedly sent from me, while I was at school and not able to access my email. The email to her the whole page was in french ( we speak English, can't even read french). She asked me if I sent this to her and why it was all in french. This is a copy of the email :

Invitation:, ajouter comme ami‏


Sent: Thu 12/03/09 11:35 AM



Il semble que tu connais ; ajoute vite cette personne à tes amis sur Keesia en répondant à cette invitation.

Nous devons d'abord confirmer que tu connais cette personne pour que vous puissiez être amis sur Keesia =) !

Invitation à être ami avec :

Pour lire le message d'invitation :

Lire le message...

D'autres personnes t'attendent aussi avec impatience!


L'équipe Keesia

Pour confirmer cette invitation en tant qu’ami(e) :

Ajouter un ami,

et lire le message

Le lien ne fonctionne pas ?

Copie celui-ci dans la barre d'adresse de ton navigateur:

Pour confirmer cette demande d’ajout à la liste d’amis, clique sur le lien suivant :

.Si tu souhaites contrôler les messages électroniques que tu reçois de la part de Keesia, accède à la page suivante : et après ton inscription, contacte le


I checked my mail to prove to her I didn't send it. My " sent " messages are empty. Proving I didn't send it BUT my hotmail inbox said I had a " failure " notice 3 times : this is what it said

Delivery Status Notification (Failure)‏


Sent: Thu 12/03/09 11:35 AM


2 attachments | Download all attachments (5.3 KB)

ATT00001 (0.2 KB), Invitatio...mht (5.1 KB)

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. Delivery to the following recipients failed.

--Forwarded Message Attachment--



Subject: Invitation:, ajouter comme ami

Date: Thu, 3 Dec 2009 09:35:11 -0800

And it contained the page in french again.


I'd like to know :

1. Did someone hack my account illegally?

2. Is someone using my account to contact my friends?

3. Why are there people on here that I don't know ? Example : <<-- I don't know this person, My mother doesn't know this person

4. How is possible I am getting a failure delivery status message when I didn't send anything and there is NOTHING in my sent box?

5. Could someone have illegally gained access to my messenger list and is using it to spam people?

6. Is there a way to prove who is doing it and can I turn them into the police?

I can prove that I was at school without access to my account, My teachers can vouch for me, my isp at school and at home , and our computer tech can show logs from my computer that I did NOT send this email. How can I contact the authorities for someone hacking into my account?


You are correct it is attached from another message this summer. As I stated previously, this message first came from a friend of my mothers ( something about finding out who is blocked you on msn) My mother never clicked on it but sent the message to me.

*interesting side note* my mother and I went into my accounts last night and created new passwords AND we changed some of the registration information. My mother then went to her email and deleted the " person " that sent the " see who is blocking you on msn , the entire email enclosed , in the beginning . This morning , strangely enough , the person who sent the orginial email to my mother , sent another one exactly like the one inclosed in the details here. We find this strange that the instant we delete this person they knew it. Can you tell me does this mean this person has gained access to my mother's account as well and all our contacts too? Does this mean this person now has access to our computers ?

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    I'm French and I also received this message on my Microsoft Hotmail account today :

    "Il semble que tu connais (...) ; ajoute vite cette personne à tes amis sur Keesia en répondant à cette invitation.

    Nous devons d'abord confirmer que tu connais cette personne pour que vous puissiez être amis sur Keesia"

    I came as if it was a message from one of my msn contact.

    Clearly, this is an unsollicited message, and I don't even know if is allowed by the french law.(keesia is not a french company, they pretend on their website to be a company from Guernesey, a fiscal harbour)

    By the way, this message is following another one, received this summer (August 11th 2009), which was labeled "Qui te bloque sur MSN ? - Who's blocking you on MSN ?".

    It is interesting to note that the domain name has been registered on August 3rd 2009.

    Source(s): 1) I've found the date of registration of Keesia on 2) I've found that Keesia is registered in Guernesey on the Keesia Website (clicking CGU at the bottom of the main page)
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    I've received 2 similar emails in the past week from 2 different (french) friends. This company keesia (seems like a website to meet people) is sending emails pretending to be from my friends, because when I asked them, they said they don't even know this company. I don't know how they got my friends' emails though. Also by curiosity I tried to create an account with keesia, but it leads nowhere, so I'm wondering if this is a scam website.

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    Yes somebody is hacking via mail to do this and you have no idea how relief I am with this note of yours and the answers I just read here. You dont know how good you did to my life with your such detailled mail but you are a relief to my heart than you very much. If there is a testimony or something you need about this happening I am at your orders to support you.

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    First, make an email on yahoo. Add new contacts... only the ones you trust and know well. You need a way better password then the one you had. Try using numbers- tons of them. That will definitly help. Also, change your password frequently and for the forgotten password question, make it something not a lot of people know.

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    there may be key logging software on your school computer

    that is how other people can retrieve your keystrokes

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    try changing your password it might help ..... im not really sure what else to do

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