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Questions about the Holocaust..?

I've learned a little about the Holocaust, reading a few books. I read Milkweed and Number the stars a few years back and now i am doing a play in school based on Anne Frank's diary.

Some basic questions i was wondering were stuff like

- How did it start?

- Who was involved?

- How did it end?

- How are we affected by it today?

thanks to anyone that answers this :)

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    1. Years before the Holocaust happened, over 60,000 Americans were sterilized as a result of a pseudo-science known as, eugenics, which is basically the pursuit of a master race. When Hitler came to power he used the idea of eugenics to pursue a master race known as, Aryan. He did this through killing anyone who didn't have "blonde hair or blue eyes".

    2. Obviously, the Nazi party was involved. Over 6,000,000 Jews and countless other non-Jews were killed during the Holocaust. Also, according to Edwin Black, IBM, "America's most powerful company", knowingly supplied the Nazi party with technology to make it easier to find and keep track of the countless victims.

    3. A lot of the death camps were liberated by advancing Soviets into Germany territory toward the end of WWII. Later, a majority of the people responsible for the Holocaust would stand trial at Nuremberg.

    4. rope lost nearly two-thirds of its Jews (about 6 million out of a pre-war total of about 9.4 million). Large areas of Eastern Europe had previously had flourishing Jewish communities - Warsaw, Lodz, Lviv (Lemberg), Vilnius, Riga, Czernowitz, Minsk, Kiev, Odessa - to name some of the bigger and best known. All these centres had gone, for ever. A simple example: in 1939, just before the start of World War 2, Lodz had a Jewish population of about 215,000. After the Holocaust about 800 Jews were left in Lodz. A small trickle of further survivors found their way back in the following months. This may help people understand something of the scale of human devastation caused, and why this is called the Holocaust. There were also the pre-Nazi Jewish communities of Central Europe - Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest - to name only the best known and biggest. here was increased determination among Jews in the then British Mandate of Palestine and among Holocaust survivors to establish Israel. However, they had to fight for the creation of Israel. It was not some consolation given by the guilt-ridden victors. On an individual level, survivors needed help to regain their health. Many of course needed longer term help, too.

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    I cannot be COMPLETELY accurate on these but from hat I learned:

    The Holocaust started in the 1930's (idk the date) due to the uprising of Germans who were down on their luck in Germany's failing economy. After they lost the war in WW1, they had large war debts and many of the Germans were jobless. However, the Jews had these jobs and the Germans started feeling resentful ( i think that's the right word). After Adolf Hitler managed to persuade the higher gov't officials to allow him to be chancellor for a while (I think that's the position), he had used his awesome skills to manipulate the Germans, who were already in despair thus easy to manipulate, into going against the Jews and the world (sort of). They were VERY racist, I think it was required to have blue eyes black hair or else you were captured, put in concentration camps, executed or starved to death or died from the harsh weather. theres a lot more, just google it.

    Who was involved.... well, there were countries that decided to work with German peacefully, such as Soviet Union Russia, and other surrounding countries. However, some resisted but were eliminated by Germany's strong military. There's more, I just don't remember. Remember, GOOGLE knows EVERYTHING.

    I'm pretty sure it ended when Germany made a war mistake and decided not to move forward in their conquest one day. Then D-Day happens (google it) when the allies and the US storm through Europe from concentration camp to camp releasing and freeing the Jews. There was a belief that Hitler was still alive though, and EVERYONE was still FRIGHTENED. However, it's 2009 now and i'm sure Hitler is dead NOW.

    It will always be known as the largest genocide of a race EVAH. I'm pretty sure it's worse than Christopher Columbus' genocide of the natives in America. Another fun fact, there is belief that the Nazi funds of the Germans and their treasures are still alive and well in the Swedish backing system. However since their bank laws are so strict, no one can look into them for any reason unless they decide to now. In the end it was all because of despair and racism.

    Source(s): me, not 100% sure but yes.
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    The title Holocaust manner *burnt delivering.* I can guarantee you that it wasn't Jews who gave it that title. We name it the shoah -- the disaster. Not all sufferers of the Holocaust had been Jewish, however ALL Jews had been sufferers. Non-Jews have come to peer it as a Jewish time period considering the fact that it's only the Jews who mourn their households as a institution (loved ones). Because the bulk had been Jews, others do not see the mourning of the minorities. Others do not mourn as a institution (Roma, handicapped, JWs, Blacks, and so on.). Because Jews are a loved ones (tribe/humans), we mourn in combination as a loved ones. Somehow, others interpret that as no longer acknowledging the 5 million non-Jews who additionally perished within the Shoah. It's no longer the Jews that do not recognize the 5 million non-Jews, it's individuals who see OUR memorials who have a tendency to ignore the numerous *others* who additionally perished at the side of our humans. It is handiest the Jews who had been destroyed conveniently considering the fact that they existed. “Few are Guilty, however all are liable.” Abraham Joshua Heschel .

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