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Looking for churches in Rochester, New York?

My boyfriend and I are looking for a Apostolic Pentecostal church preferably in Henrietta area. We are hoping to find an accepting inter-racial congregation that we can learn and grow with.

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    This may help:

    There are locations in Batavia (about a 30-40 min drive from Henrietta) and one in Rochester on Calkins Road (off W. Henrietta Rd.)

    EDlT: She didn't ask for your opinion on this church, she asked where to find them. lf you don't like her choice... get over it.

    Source(s): l used to live near Henrietta.
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    Awesome!! :D

    UPCI church locator:

    All Apostolic Pentecostal organizations:

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    I am glad that you are "Apostolic Pentecostal." It is a wonderful church that leads to eternal happiness in heaven.

    They also deny the Trinity, which means they have the right concept of who God is.

    They teach you must be water baptised to be saved, which is true.

    God bless!!

    This link teaches Oneness very well:

    P.S. Stay away from churches that worship a three-headed god OR that teach the false "easy believeism" gospel.

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    Ignore David.He is very judgmental and despises anyone who disagrees with him.He thinks anyone who doesn't agree with him is a cultist.

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