What are the BEST and WORST People food for Dogs?

i know some of the best are eggs, yogurt, oatmeal.... and worst of course chocolate. But I'd like know a few more.

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    Bones, especially chicken turkey and pork bones

    Fried foods

    Chocolate (just a little bit could kill a little dog!)

    spicy foods

    Artificial sweeteners (can cause seizures)

    Sugarless gum (see above)

    Any gum



    Garlic (in some dogs)


    Most other fruits and veggies, especially apples, bananas, pumpkin and carrots

    Cooked deboned chicken and beef



    Plain yogurt


    Peanut butter

    Source(s): Years of research online and in magazines- also my veterinarian's advice.
  • Sharon
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    4 years ago

    Someone said they wouldn't sell it if it were bad, that's isn't necessarily true since Pedigree and Alpo are fully of horrible ingredients for your dog, but they still sell it. Dog food isn't nearly as regulated as it should be. Oftentimes companies use cheap filler ingredients to add weight to the food and spray the food with oils to entice dogs into eating it. This is common with many of the low quality grocery store, department store, and even some of the petstore dog foods. Some really good dog foods are Innova, Canidae, and Wellness. These are made with human grade ingredients with no grains, fillers, added fat, or sugars. Buying one of these dog foods would be easier than making your own dog food and probably cheaper, but you'd be getting the same benefits since the ingredients are of such a high quality. And I wanted to add that many vets have no idea about what is in a high quality dog food. They don't really teach classes in veterinary school about dog food and what should/shouldn't be in them. Many vets will simply suggest you buy what they sell in their office(usually Science Diet) and that is never a really high quality food.

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    I think pork/ ham might be the worst. I've read an article before that it can make your dog vomit blood. Ew. Not sure what the best people food should be.

    Source(s): The nerds inside my head. Looks like they don't know EVERYTHING.
  • 1 decade ago

    Chocolate is poison and I would have to say a good one would be dog food lol

    Source(s): If you love dogs and need to train one go to www.jeremyl.net
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  • -S-
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    1 decade ago

    Pumpkin is really good for dogs and they really like it... Just plain canned pumpkin, as long as it isn't sweetened with extra sugar of course(NOT pumpkin pie filling),but pumpkin puree. Mix some in with there dog food. It is really good for them... high in fiber and and in water content. Helps there digestive system. My dogs love it!

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    Here's a list of bad food for dogs:


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