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How fast does a high school softball player pitch usually?

I am going to try out for the school team and i want to know what i should do and how fast they pitch?

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    This answer may surprise you a bit but here goes. A good high school age fastpitch softball pitcher will pitch from around 38 mph to 62 mph. That is quite a range and good pitchers use that range of speeds very effectively. There are really only 3 pitches that need to be used in fastpitch softball; the drop ball, the rise ball and the change up. The other 5-8 pitches are mostly not needed if you can throw those three pitches effectively. Most pitchers can't throw the others anyway, they just think they can. I can honestly say I have only seen a handful of girls this age that have mastered more than 3-4 pitches.

    There really aren't many pitchers in high school that throw 60 mph or above. Most will be in the 54-56 mph range, which is still pretty fast. I think the fastest I have seen or heard of is a girl pitching at Northwestern University, she throws hard, in the upper 70's. Speed is not really the issue though because most good batters prefer a faster pitcher. The faster the ball comes in the farther it will travel when you hit it, just simple physics there (let's see which law is that - every action has an opposite but equal reaction). It is easier to time those faster pitchers too.

    The hardest to hit pitchers are those that change the speed of the pitches, change the location - in, out, up, down and the plane of the pitch. Changing the plane of the pitch is what we spend most of our time training pitchers. Throwing a drop ball, then move it inside, or outside, then a rise ball up in the zone. Then maybe a rise ball in the middle of the zone. It is really tough to hit a ball that looks to be coming in flat then at the last moment it drops 3-5 inches and you just miss it.

    Good pitchers know that strike outs are not always the goal, getting the batter out is. They pitch for blooper flys or infield grounders that turn into routine plays.

    A high school age fastpitch softball pitch only takes about 350 milliseconds to get to home on average. That's not much time to make a decision is it. Now, just think if that pitcher changes your timing by throwing an off speed pitch or a change up. The next pitch comes in faster, now what? Wow, this is an exciting game. Good luck and go practice as much as you can. Take hitting practice from as many different pitchers as you can, or go to the batting cages and get in all the different speed cages to see what that is like. Live pitchers are the best but the cage is ok too.

    I did the math once on how a fastpitch softball pitch compares to a baseball pitch. The pitching rubber in softball is much closer so a 60mph pitch in softball is equivalent to a baseball pitch in the upper 90's. A baseball loses about 15-20mph in velocity from the pitcher to home but a softball doesn't lose as much because it has more mass and the distance ( or time of flight) is less. That's probably more than you wanted to know.

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    38-62??? Really. An average high school softball pitcher pitches about 55-63. I pitched 40mph when I was 9, so 38mph for any average is ridiculously low. I played for 14 years, and I have 2 state championships with my high school team and several runner ups. Trust me when I say that you will not see a 38mph pitch in high school.

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    How Fast Is Fastpitch Softball

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    If they are any good, they should be in the 50-60 range. You also have the monsters that throw 60-plus. The fastest I've seen personally was 66 in a HS game. But she only hit it once, rest of the time, she was in the 60-63 range. I've only seen one pitcher under 50 mph who was any good and that was because she had NASTY movement on her pitches.

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    A good HS pitcher can throw from 50-60 mph.


    Source(s): Former HS softball umpire
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    The pitchers you will be up against will almost certainly be throwing in the range of 50-59 mph. There will be studs out there who will be topping 60+ mph.

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    between 40-65 mph, depending on jv or varsity and how good the player is and the type of pitch...not 90 mph, thats baseball

    Source(s): im a high school softball player
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    u should throw AT LEAST 55 mph...

    and u want to have different pitches to better

    hope that helps:)

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    Most are 90+ mph

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    95 kph

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