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Confused About Charting CM?

I am thinking about starting some charting next month as me and my fiance move into month 3 of TTC. I am confused about charting CM. How do you know when your ovulating by looking at CM? What are different kinds and the different stages in your cycle you could expect to see it?

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    While your CM is different for each woman, there is a general pattern that it follows. Hope this helps: Day 1 of your cycle is the day you see blood from AF. After AF is done, you are usually dry for a few days. shortly after that, it starts to become watery. This is the CM preparing for ovulation , and then a few more days later, you see the EWCM, which is your most fertile CM. It has the consistency of Egg Whites (hence the name EWCM). This should only last a day or two, and that is when your egg is released, and you are most fertile. You want to BD at least 2 days prior to your EWCM, and the days that you have EWCM, but no more than once a day (for quality sperm). After EWCM, you're usulally dry again, and then things start to look "milky" or sometimes a little thicker and "creamy." If you're preg, it will stay creamy, and if not, then you start to get AF again. Good luck and Baby Blessings!

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