Now she wants space...?

Well I have been with this girl for about 6 months, we dated then we were engaged then we moved in together, then she questioned her feelings, we got unengaged, broke up and now we are somewhat together but at the same time not. She has told me she still wants to marry me someday, and she may even be pregnant. But she wants space right now, and she cant really give me an answer as to why. We have been through alot, and i thought things were finally back to the way they were and now I am left waiting... Why is she doing this and what should i do while she takes her time and gets her space? I just get scared she's going to fall out of love with me and I wont ever get another full chance with her. and if shes having my kid then what...? Anyone have some advice?


Well we were fighting before but it was mainly about this same thing and then she said she was passed it but then changed her mind again. I just truly cannot envision my life without this girl... We did move fast but it was what we both wanted... and she also has pretty much every sign of pregnancy except the positive test and shes had them for about a month, and now shes 3 days late so idk, I want to marry her and i want her to be pregnant but not if she doesnt.

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    I cannot speak for your partner, however as a female, when I want space and ask for it, it generally could be for a few reasons. Im scared about a situation and need to get my head around it all, youve been together on and off for 6 months. In that time a lot has happened that in itself can be overwhelming.

    It could mean needing space as she needs to get her head straight, if she is pregnant, that always going to be a big situation and commitment, its a life long commitment. Big deal!!!!

    Or it could be she is having doubts about the situation as a whole.

    Give her the time and space she needs to get her head straight.

    The benefits of this are that you are doing as she asks, if she decides she wants to be with you still then you will know 1. she has had the time and that it is what she wants (Ie not a rushed decision to make you happy, or because she feels pressured) think about it: short term loss for a long term gain.

    2. If she does decide it is not what she wants, although it wont feel great, surely knowing this will , will be better than being in a relationship that is not 50/50 and if you stay together for the wrong reasons, the hurt you'll feel further down the line will be far worse. Even if in this time she does fall out of love with you, surely its better to know this than be in a relationship with someone who may not want to be there and sell yourself short on having a full whole hearted two way relationship with someone?

    I know this sounds very harsh, but giving her space and actually giving her what she asks at this point in your relationship, I think, is crucial.

    Hope this helps!

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    I've never been engaged or married, so feel free to ignore this comment. When two people are head over heels in love with each other, and if they are ready to afford it, they get married. The fact that she says she needs her space and that she "questioned her feelings" tells me she's not for sure if you're the one for her.

    Sorry, but they say Love = Heartache for a reason.

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    Honestly, maybe she just wants to live on her own for right now before she gets tied down. I mean, once you're married, she will no longer be single. It's hard to transition from being single and living on your own to being married and living with your husband. It's a lot to take in. So maybe she wants to be single for a little while longer. And I bet she will always love you... As for the kid thing, maybe that will bring you closer together.

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    She's already out of love with you dude. She is trying "nicely" to let you go. Sorry.

    She is all full of drama. She probably can't thrive without some kind of crisis or dilemma. And this one is a doozy.

    I bet you she's not pregnant. I bet you she doesn't even think she is. She said it to keep you waiting for her.

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    i would say yall moved really really fast and it may have scared her and if she thinks she pregnant thats a big thang i would just let her know you are there for her and give her a little time but if she starts talking to other guys or just dragging you along for a long time let her go good uck

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    i know what you mean bro. she might not know for sure if she wants to spend forever with you. or she could just be in shock that she might be prego and her hormones are all messed up.

    have yall been fighting??

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