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Does any one else agree that ETS praxis tests are a Corporate scam?

When you take the praxis ll english: Content knowledge, you'll realize that the test has been advertised as $80 but includes a $50 registration fee as well making it $135 dollars. I'm so sick of ETS, I also took the GRE using study guides from kaplan and princeton review which are misleading and uneffective. The praxis ll study guides for english are worthless because the actual test is based on reading comprehension. ETS is a scam but what can we as students and prospective teachers do about it?

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    Thanks for answering my other question.

    I am not familiar with ETS praxis tests but I am 100% certain that they are a SCAM. I agree with you, I am so sick of ETS too. And don't even get me started with Kaplan and Princeton Review study're absolutely right: very misleading and ineffective!

    I think the only thing we can do about these scams is voice our opinion. That's the only way for change to happen!

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    I just took the Praxis II for Marketing Ed yesterday and ETS sold me not only the flash cards and study guide, but a practice test, which I took and got 97%! OK? And I ve had 15 years international marketing experience and taught business at AU. So, yesterday morning took the Praxis at the ETS temp office in Alexandria, VA, and low and behold 3/4 of the test was emphatically NOT on the study guide. Now, where can I get a proper study review for this test - does someone know? Because ETS certainly isn t going to help, as its in their best interest we fail multiple times so they can make money on us. I need to pass this test. Anyone know what to do?

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    Most people who have taken the Praxis tests fail them the first time, therefore have to pay to take them again. Test takers cannot learn what questions they missed, so do not know what to study and correct in future tests. What a racket.

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