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Help with Novel ?

Hi, I'm currently writing a novel (editting it) and I need help with the title. So far I have

"If Only You Understood the Life of a Tomboy"

I don't really like that because it's to long but used it because it needs a title.

Here's the Summary:

Do you really think a girl who loves baseball, beats up guys for fun then finds it funny should go by the name of Samantha Nicole? What kind of chick is that anyways? Well meet Sam Banks, a fifteen year old girl who would much rather get down and dirty over dressing herself up. Living with only her dad what else is she supposed to act like?

But unfortunately she's about to leave the boys she roughed with in the Boondocks of Chi-Town to a much nicer part of town where she meets new friends, enemies, and most of all an obnoxious boy named Marcus who is full of competition. Will Sam look at Marcus as just another idiotic boy or will he grow on her in a way no one ever has?

BTW: She makes the baseball team.

What should the title be. I'm never good at titles or summaries. Help?


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    I like simple titles best. No more than three words. Has more of a dramatic hook.

    Something like: Tomboy. or Sammy B. Something like that.

    Hope this helps

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    "Sharp Spiked Chi-Babe off the Diamond".

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